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eBooks and Whitepapers

Best Practices for Patient Engagement and Retention

With respect to patients, a medical practice’s main goal is to serve them to the best of their ability and provide top quality care. In order to continue to serve that goal, however, the truth is that you need patients to keep coming back to your practice to receive care.

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Using your Practice Management Software like a RCM Tool

The monitoring of a medical practice’s financial performance is one of the key elements to ensuring financial success, and yet many practices seem to forget this step unintentionally.

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How to Improve Profitability for Your Medical Practice

The fundamental goal of any medical practice is naturally to treat illnesses and to help people. Beyond this though a practice must be able to keep its lights on and its staff paid.

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A Physicians Guide to Interpreting the HIPAA Security Rule

Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule is crucial to any practice. Download our free eBook about HIPAA to help your practice make sense of HIPAA.

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Demystifying MACRA, QPP and MIPs

(MACRA) is a very important but not yet widely understood piece of legislation. This eBook is full of info on MACRA.

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How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Center

Download this eBook to learn about the pitfalls of startup urgent care centers, choosing the right location and space, how to staff your center, pick the right EMR and market wisely.

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Managing a EMR Implementation

This Whitepaper will help you understand the complexities of the EMR implementation process by defining goals and objectives, milestones and timing.

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EMR Replacement Considerations

EMR’s have come a long way. Isn’t it time you considered replacement? This guide will help you through the replacement process.

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