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Implementing Telehealth Visits to Drive Value

Telehealth became a means to continue providing necessary care to patients in a year where exposure risks were high. When COVID-19 limited the ability for patients to enter into offices, telehealth was a necessary tool, but now that vaccines are widely available, providers are questioning whether or not it is still worthwhile. In this eBook, we will discuss the following…

  • What is the current state of the world?
  • Why is telehealth still important and useful?
  • What is telehealth?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of telehealth?
  • How has telehealth utilization grown over the last 18 months?
  • How can practices purchase, implement, market, and conduct telehealth?
  • How do you bill for telehealth?
  • More…

While it is up to your practice to decide whether or not value can be derived from telehealth, we believe that the facts and information proves that this solution is still a great option for providing convenient, accessible care.

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