Recognizing & Managing Physician Burnout

Recognizing & Managing Physician Burnout

Physicians crushed by an intense weight of stress are 37% percent more likely, according to Advisory Board, to become “exasperated with patients.”

When doctors begin to experience burnout coupled with this type of frustration towards patients, they’re likely to make mistakes, become inattentive, and shut down entirely. In this eBook, we will discuss…

  • What is physician burnout?
  • How does it affect physicians, practices, and patients?
  • How do you recognize the signs of burnout?
  • What are the causes of physician burnout?
  • In what ways does physician burnout affect patients?
  • How can physicians manage burnout?
  • How can organizations manage burnout?

The patient’s perception of their provider means everything to your practice. Coupled with this, you want happy, healthy, confident providers to treat the patients that trust their care with your practice. Learn more about recognizing and manage physician burnout today.

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