How Patient Portals are Changing the Way Physicians Interact with Patients

Are you currently using or thinking of implementing a patient portal into your practice? If you are, we encourage you to use your platform to its fullest potential. This technological tool has been used for over a decade now, and has the ability to solve many issues that your office may be currently experiencing. Join us in this eBook as we discuss the following…

  • What is a patient portal?
  • Who is using patient portals?
  • How do patient portals change the physician/patient relationship?
  • How do doctors and their patients feel about this shift toward electronic communication?
  • What are the benefits of using a patient portal?
  • What solutions does MicroMD have?

We know, adding another tool to your already full arsenal sounds like a large mountain to climb, however, tools like the patient portal can often provide a rung for you to stand on during the climb. Enable your patients to have more control of their care, reduce manual processes, and improve your patient/physician relationship with a patient portal. Don’t believe us? Read it for yourself.

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