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2021 Physician Practice Regulatory Changes

The best way to stay in compliance, to keep your bottom line green, and to provide your patients with best service is to be aware of regulatory changes. While everyday things seem to be shifting due to the pandemic, regulatory changes are at least something your practice can familiarize yourself with and be sure of. This eBook presents all changes presented for the 2021 year – is your practice ready? We will explore the following…

  • Quality Payment Program
    • What is QPP?
    • What updates are being made in 2021?
    • Key takeaways for providers
  • ONC Cures Act
    • What is the ONC Cures Act?
    • What are the main goals for providers with the Cures Act?
    • In what ways does the Cures Act have to do with your EHR system?
  • E/M Coding
    • What is E/M coding why are changes happening in 2021?
    • What changes are being made?
    • How will this impact providers?
  • Other changes for 2021
  • General takeaways for changes throughout 2021
  • Impacts these changes will have on your software

2021 brings another bout of healthcare changes alongside of pandemic that brings about much stress for our frontline healthcare workers. The first step towards tackling anything daunting is being in the know. We can help.

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