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Guide to Managing COVID Vaccine Distribution


The pandemic has changed the life all of us knew – we went from being able to go to our daily jobs freely, go out to restaurants without a care, to a large deal of us working from home, socially distancing, and wearing masks to protect others. After a year of not seeing loved ones, businesses closing, and lives lost, an end might be in sight with the release of the COVID vaccine. In order for daily life to resume and vaccines to work, individuals need to actually receive these vaccinations and that’s where practices like yours come in. In this guide, we will discuss the following…

  • Why does the pandemic require a vaccine?
  • What are the trends in US vaccinations?
  • What vaccines are currently available?
  • How are vaccines being rolled out to the general public?
  • How can your practice develop a communication plan?
  • How can your practice manage a vaccination program?
  • What challenges should you expect to encounter?
  • In what ways can software aid in this process?

This guide will help your practice to decide whether or not becoming a COVID vaccination center is a practical choice. Dive into all of the information you need to make an informed decision and move forward with managing COVID vaccine distribution for your community.

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