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Henry Schein Medical Systems offers proven practice management, EMR and document management software solutions for small practices, large medical groups, community health centers, and billing services.

More than 14,000 physicians trust our award-winning, stable, and mature MicroMD medical systems software solutions to reduce paper-based processes, streamline workflow, improve financial performance, and enhance care delivery.

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Practice Management Software

A full-featured practice management system that offers advanced scheduling, patient registration, billing, claims management, reporting, and more, MicroMD PM gives healthcare organizations a unique value proposition. Among the first products of its kind, MicroMD PM represents more than 25 years of innovation. Today, it consistently ranks at or near the top in user satisfaction.

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Electronic Medical Record Software

Our electronic medical record system helps practices and health centers eliminate paper, improve clinical productivity, and enhance care. While our PM is a fit for nearly all specialties, our EMR is not a fit for some specialties and organization types. We continue to expand and build content and functionality for our EMR to meet a variety of specialties’ needs each year. Integrated with your practice management system, MicroMD EMR improves accuracy and protects reimbursement.

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Cloud Based PM + EMR Solutions

MicroMD Cloud Based PM + EMR software offers a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to housing your own server, software, and data and it helps organizations reduce the spend on costly IT staff and the time required to perform necessary data backups. Using Microsoft® Server Technologies, MicroMD Cloud Based PM + EMR is housed in a state-of-the-art, controlled environment.

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Get Your Meaningful Use Incentives

MicroMD will guide providers through the successful implementation, adoption and consistent use of MicroMD EMR functionality so your practice becomes closer to earning MU incentives. Our monitoring services and one-on-one coaching help you achieve meaning use quickly and efficiently. Also, with 3 stages of meaningful use, we will work with you to achieve all stages and help you secure reimbursements from day 1 to the last.

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MicroMD’s ICD-10 Approach

MicroMD is ICD-10 ready. Version 10 of MicroMD PM and EMR, complete with ICD-10 functionality, was released in late 2014 to allow sufficient time for client upgrades before the October 1, 2015 implementation deadline. We offer crosswalk and code reference tools to aid in translating ICD-9 codes to ICD-10, as well as training opportunities to ensure our clients are prepared for the ICD-10 transition. MicroMD and its four preferred clearinghouses have successfully completed claims transmission testing and the clearinghouses are also participating in ongoing CMS end-to-end testing with MACs, working to secure confidence in successfully submitted claims after the ICD-10 transition. To learn more about how to prepare for your practice’s ICD-10 transition, visit our ICD-10 Information Center.

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Starting at $545 per month get integrated PM + EMR with everything included.

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