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Consumerism in

In healthcare, consumers are continuing to take on a larger portion of the costs when it comes to their care. This larger responsibility has driven them to play a larger role in the decisions they make about their care and who provides it. This has created more competition among providers and a greater need for physicians to pay attention to the wants and desires of the patients they serve. In this eBook, we will focus on the following…

  • What is consumerism?
  • What does consumerism mean in healthcare?
  • Why is it important for practices to pay attention to consumerism?
  • What do patients want from providers?
  • What challenges and opportunities exist with consumerism?
  • What technologies exist that play a role in consumer decision making?

As the landscape for healthcare shifts to accommodate a more consumer based approach, it is important for practices to shift the way they cultivate patient relationships and fulfill patient needs. Learn more today.

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