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What patient education methods exist and why are they important?

While patient care will always be the main focus, educating patients on their overall health, conditions, and treatment plans is becoming a greater priority. This emphasis on patient education boosts compliance, engagement and trust across a provider’s patient base with helps with patient retention and satisfaction. While patient education may bring your practice and patients many positives, it does not come without its challenges. In this eBook, we will discuss the following…

  • What does patient education mean?
  • How can patient education be delivered?
  • What benefits does patient education bring with it?
  • What are some of the challenges with delivering patient education?
  • When it comes to technology, what solutions exist to help patients learn about their conditions?

For providers that are already strapped for time, it may seem like another added layer of commitment that is unachievable during an office visit. With some helpful tools, information, and a bit of education, your practice can begin to deliver patient education and help patients feel empowered in their healthcare journeys.

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