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Certified Value Added Reseller Program

Henry Schein MicroMD is represented by a nationwide network of certified Value Added Resellers (VARs). Henry Schein MicroMD VARs are fully trained and certified local businesses that sell, install, implement and support MicroMD Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) products in their local markets. VARs may also offer additional products and services in addition to the standard MicroMD product and service lines, including hardware, software and a variety of IT services.

How Henry Schein MicroMD works with VARs

Henry Schein MicroMD is responsible for product development that includes the addition of user-requested or regulatory-required features and add-on tools, programming versions and updates, achieving key certifications for incentive programs, such as the CMS EHR Incentive Programs, and providing third level technical assistance to help VARs support their clients.

Additionally, nationwide marketing programs, as well as local and national events, are in place to help create recognition, interest and demand for MicroMD products. And, where appropriate, we provide leads for prospective clients to VARs to be worked with on a local level. Lastly, while the MicroMD PM software is a fit for most specialties and organizations, our EMR is not a fit for all specialties and organization types. We continue to expand and build content and functionality for our EMR to meet a variety of specialties’ needs each year. Our VARs are not required to exclusively represent MicroMD products.

Should you work with a Henry Schein MicroMD VAR or directly with Henry Schein MicroMD?

This choice may be based on individual needs and preferences. Some organizations prefer to deal with a company that is a member of the local community and opt to work with a VAR. Additionally, a VAR may serve as a one-stop-shop for all of a client’s software, hardware, networking and IT management needs. Other organizations prefer to deal directly with Henry Schein MicroMD for their sales, implementation and support. Either way, we’re pleased to offer both alternatives.

How to contact a certified Henry Schein MicroMD VAR

To request follow up from a VAR contact, please complete our online “Request for Information” form. In the “Comments” field, let us know that “I would like to be contacted by a Henry Schein MicroMD VAR.” We will route your request to a local VAR for follow up.

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