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Simple EMR Customization for Specialties Starting with Pre-built EMR Templates

With MicroMD EMR, providers can use pre-built templates to start using the electronic medical record (EMR) quickly. Starter history, treatment plan and other templates save time and effort. The MicroMD suite of specialty templates was created by physicians to meet individual specialty needs. And MicroMD EMR’s multiple encounter capture options-template- or forms-driven, voice dictation, handwriting recognition, text-based data entry-accommodate virtually any discipline.

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Specialty-Driven Content: EMR Cardiology Software

Cardiologists and internists must diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and disorders related to some of the body’s most complex organ systems. MicroMD EMR helps you take full advantage of automation to collect, synthesize and present a breadth of medical data in ways that let you effectively assess, monitor and plan cardiac care management for a high volume of patients.

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Specialty-Driven Content: EMR Dermatology Software

With specialized clinical content and customizable features, MicroMD EMR helps dermatologists focus more on serving patients and less on paperwork. In a field that demands continuous innovation and a positive patient experience, dermatologists rely on MicroMD EMR for quick, comprehensive and personalized access to clinical data.

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Specialty-Driven Content: Ear Nose and Throat EMR Software

Otolaryngologists and head-and-neck surgeons must balance the demands of practice-based care, hospital-based surgeries and a high volume of consultations. With ready access to well-structured, comprehensive patient data through MicroMD EMR, ENT practices can streamline their efforts.

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Specialty-Driven Content: Urology EMR Software

While office-based procedure volumes have increased in recent years and competition from overlapping specialties remains steady, urologists must still retain broad medical and surgical expertise. In the face of these and other priorities, MicroMD EMR offers a wide range of features that can help streamline your management of complex medical problems, coordinate care with referring providers and focus on patient care.

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Specialty-Driven Content: Gastroenterology EMR Software

As the nature of gastrointestinal medicine changes, practitioners face a range of challenges: offering a growing range of treatments and therapies, making use of new types of diagnostic and procedural data, and managing or coordinating care in a more collaborative manner. With its gastroenterology-focused clinical content, flexible user interface options, and customizable features, MicroMD EMR helps gastroenterologists advance.

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Specialty-Driven Content: Obstetrics and Gynecology EMR Software

For reproductive and women’s healthcare, MicroMD EMR offers a range of features that streamline screenings, promote preventive health programs, make patient data available whenever needed, and help you get more done every day. Clinical content designed for obstetricians, gynecologists and their staff will speed the process of taking new patient, menstruation or pregnancy histories; documenting encounters; ordering procedures; and managing all aspects of the ob-gyn clinical workflow.

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Specialty-Driven Content: Pediatrics EMR Software

MicroMD EMR’s flexible documentation features help pediatricians manage acute illnesses, chronic conditions, and well visits more efficiently. And a range of capabilities specifically target the specific needs of healthcare professionals working with infants and children.

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Primary Care/IM

Specialty-Driven Content: Primary Care, Internal Medicine and Family Practice EMR Software

Coordinating care among specialists. The increasing frequency of patients with multiple chronic conditions. Pending incentives for e-prescribing. Primary care physicians face a range of pressures that MicroMD EMR is designed to overcome. MicroMD EMR offers multiple, highly flexible options for charting encounter data, adds structure to and streamlines practice workflow, and helps physicians access the information that helps them strengthen patient relationships.

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