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Our goal is to get you back to the business of healing. Below you will be able to find educational information specifically related to your practice. The collection includes eBooks, whitepapers, webinars and more.

Featured Resources

Common Misconceptions about cloud-based EHR debunked

Debunk some of the more common misconceptions about the cloud, especially as it pertains to its use in the healthcare industry. Read on to learn more.

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Practice Management Software Selection Guide

Are you currently looking for a new practice management software solution to streamline your front office duties? Our eBook walks you through PM selection.

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3 Tips for Improving your Medical Practice profitability

The most central ideal for every medical practice is to serve patients. However, if not profitable that ideal is hindered.

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eBooks and Whitepapers

The Future of Small Medical Practices

The future of small practices can seem scary as changes make it hard to remain autonomous. Ready for some insight? We have it.

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EMR Selection Guide

The stakes are high when choosing an EMR for your practice and it can be hard to know where to start. Let this guide help you get started.

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Tools to Improve Medical Office Efficiency

Define, identify, rework, and change are all a part of creating a more efficient medical office – find the tools here.

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How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Center

Download this eBook to learn about the pitfalls of startup urgent care centers, choosing the right location and space, how to staff your center, pick the right EMR and market wisely.

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Blog Posts

Why to never cut training from your EMR budget

If you’ve ever tried to put together a piece of furniture with instructions that only include pictures, you know how frustrating it is to…

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An Urgent Care Physician’s Perspective

When physicians sketch their vision of running an urgent care clinic, they may think that having a crowded waiting room would be a good…

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Why 2015 CEHRT Matters

The QPP and EHR Incentive Program have delayed the requirement for 2015 Edition certified software beyond 2018. Here’s why you should care…

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Your Biggest Practice Engagement Opportunity can be found in your waiting room

10 Tips to effectively connecting with your patients before you even see them. Ever feel like you see a patient, and before you know it…

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Cybersecurity Basics for Providers

With the rapid increase in technology and data capture, so too comes the rise in data breaches. Watch this webinar to learn the basics of cybersecurity.

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Small Practice Impacts of the 2018 Quality Payment Program

Join us as we discuss “Small Practice Impacts of the 2018 Quality Payment Program” in our webinar led by MicroMD GM, Kristen Heffernan.

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How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Business

Dr. Earl is shares his expertise with you through his webinar, “How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Business.”

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dashboardMD Spotlight: Scheduling Analytics

Patient scheduling can optimize your practice revenue. Sign up today for a complimentary live webinar to help you understand your analytics.

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Case Studies

Dr. Tareq Hulali, a solo Pediatrician

MicroMD EMR allowed Dr. Hulali to create custom templates, forms and letters, and efficiently manage prescriptions.

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Podiatrist prepares his practice for the future

In 2011, Dr. Alm chose MicroMD EMR from Henry Schein Medical Systems. The decision,
he says, was a “no-brainer.”

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Pediatricians Upgrade Performance

With care delivery and the health of the practice in mind, Children’s Medical Group decided to
replace its UNIX-based practice management system.

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Billing firm expands services and supports clients

The Consult needed a practice management system that would allow it to grow into new markets. Our goal was finding the best product for the best price. Five years later, I think we did a pretty good job.

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