My DEA Number was Stolen – What Do I Do?

If someone steals your DEA number, what steps need to be taken, and what preventative methods are available for your practice?

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April 21, 2021 ︱ Top 5 Obstacles for Healthcare Providers & Medical Facilities During Covid-19

The healthcare industry as a whole is struggling to recover from the pandemic's impact behind the scenes.  Read more →

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April 14, 2021 ︱ How to Conduct an Effective Collection Call

So you have some patients who haven’t responded to bills and you feel the need to call them and resolve their balances. Read...

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pharmacist uses a tablet to look up an e-prescription and verify dosage

March 24, 2021 ︱ ePrecribe Prescriptions at Your Practice

What is health information technology (HIT) and what benefits does it bring to practices in terms of efficiency and security? Learn more.   Read More →

Group of doctors with tablet on white background

March 10, 2021 ︱ What is health information technology (HIT)?

What is health information technology (HIT) and what benefits does it bring to practices in terms of efficiency and security? Learn more.   Read More →

doctor in blue scrubs using iPad to pull up patient chart information

March 3, 2021 ︱ CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule: Is That Actually Going into Place for Payers?

The Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule has been a large area of focus - what does this mean for payers, practices, and vendors?  Read More →

a woman using a payment processor to make a payment at a medical practice with a female practitioner

February 24, 2021 ︱ Managing Self-Pay Patients at Your Practice

How can your practice manage self-pay patients to increase patient experience and improve your bottom line?  Read more →

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a young girl gets to hear the doctors heartbeat with a stethoscope

February 17, 2021 ︱ Community Health Center (CHC): What They Are & Who They Serve

Community Health Centers (CHC) provided needed medical care in a variety of specialties, but what are they and who do they serve? Read...

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confident doctor stands with arms crossed holding a stethoscope

February 10, 2021 ︱ 21st Century Cures Act

The 21st Century Cures Act and your EMR software - learn about what changes need to be made by your EHR vendor. Read...

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