My DEA Number was Stolen – What Do I Do?

If someone steals your DEA number, what steps need to be taken, and what preventative methods are available for your practice?

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February 3, 2023 ︱ How to Spot and Reduce Burnout in Healthcare Workers

While this is an intimidating topic and it can be tempting to feel helpless, it is possible to both identify and reduce burnout in...

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December 28, 2022 ︱ America’s Physician Shortage: How Do We Overcome It?

America's Physician Shortage: Just how bad is it, though, and what can be done to offset this challenge? Read on to find out.  Read More →

December 14, 2022 ︱ Healthcare Hiring Best Practices

What challenges can you expect to encounter? And what best practices can you implement to overcome those challenges? Let’s take a look. Read...

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December 9, 2022 ︱ 5 RCM Best Practices for Uncertain Economic Times

RCM: learn what your practice can do to streamline this process and improve your revenue collection efforts. Read more →

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November 30, 2022 ︱ Biggest Barriers to Reimbursement

Let’s talk about this process and some of the biggest barriers standing in the way of reimbursement and how you can get past them.  Read More →

August 17, 2022 ︱ Telehealth and Cybersecurity

Telehealth is now here to stay. Let’s examine what practices should be aware of as they think about telehealth and cybersecurity. Read more...

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health equity

July 27, 2022 ︱ Barriers to Health Equity and How to Overcome Them

How can we work to overcome some of the barriers of health equity? Let’s explore some answers. Read more →

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woman walking away

July 13, 2022 ︱ Streamlining the Patient Journey: Post-Visit

There is still one more stage in the patient journey that is every bit as important as the other two. Let’s explore the post-visit...

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