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My DEA Number was Stolen – What Do I Do?

If someone steals your DEA number, what steps need to be taken, and what preventative methods are available for your practice?

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icon imagery of telehealth reimbursment

May 4, 2022 ︱ Reimbursement for Telehealth: What’s on the Horizon?

Now that the pandemic is winding down, though, many are left wondering what is to come for telehealth reimbursement. Let’s take a look.  Read More →

artificial intelligence

April 6, 2022 ︱ 4 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Practice

The use of artificial intelligence has been growing in all industries in recent years, and healthcare is no exception. Read more →

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Telemedicine and online healthcare services

March 23, 2022 ︱ 6 Benefits of Telehealth

Before the pandemic hit, telehealth was an up-and-coming. So just what have we discovered about the benefits of telehealth? Read more →

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Cybersecurity Phishing Protection Technology

March 9, 2022 ︱ Top Cybersecurity Threats for Healthcare in 2022

Cyberattacks have been a major issue for the healthcare industry let’s explore the top cybersecurity threats expected in 2022. Read more →

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Futuristic blue cloud with pixel digital transformation abstract new technology background

February 23, 2022 ︱ Cloud-based EHR VS. In-House EHR

Practices today are faced with the choice of whether to host their EHR software in-house or subscribe to cloud-based service. Read more →

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friend visiting an elderly woman in a wheelchair in a luxury nursing home

February 16, 2022 ︱ What specialties do community health centers (CHCs) service?

Community health centers fulfill an important need in our society, providing access to a wide variety of care for communities. What are CHCs, and...

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Figuring the cost of healthcare preview image

February 9, 2022 ︱ The No Surprises Act and Your Practice

The No Surprises Act is certainly good news for patients but will require some additional work on the part of providers. So, what do...

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close up hand hold mobile phone device

February 2, 2022 ︱ Engaging Patients in Digital Check-in

Using digital check-in is one amazing way to engage your patients in your practice, inspiring loyalty and increasing retainment. Read more →

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