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My DEA Number was Stolen – What Do I Do?

If someone steals your DEA number, what steps need to be taken, and what preventative methods are available for your practice?

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doctor and elderly patient smiling

January 18, 2022 ︱ Improving Patient Satisfaction with Patient Intake Solutions

Introducing a patient intake solution that can be completed prior to the patient’s arrival at the practice can increase patient satisfaction. Read more...

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Man purchasing out of pocket medical procedure

January 12, 2022 ︱ Healthcare Consumerism Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the increase in consumerism among patients. What exactly do we mean by consumerism,...

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Community Healthcare Center

January 5, 2022 ︱ Why choose a community healthcare center (CHC)?

Why should patients choose a community health center? And how does knowing this help practices to market themselves? Read more →

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circuit board with malware symbol

December 22, 2021 ︱ Cybersecurity Spotlight: Ransomware Recovery

Most healthcare organizations can expect to become a target of ransomware at some point in time. Read more →

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Online Video Conference With Medical Doctor

December 8, 2021 ︱ Remote Second Opinions & Telehealth

When a patient receives a difficult diagnosis or is told they need a major procedure, it’s often in their best interest to seek a...

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doctor hand working with modern digital tablet computer interface

November 23, 2021 ︱ HIT Solutions for Improved Medical Billing

Billing is one of the most important behind the scenes tasks in any business, but especially in a medical practice. There are a number...

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Doctor checking blood sugar level with glucometer

November 10, 2021 ︱ Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care

We all want to see improved patient outcomes, and one very important way to achieve that goal is through the management of chronic illness....

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Man holding an invoice and a phone

October 27, 2021 ︱ Eliminating Surprise Billing in 2022

Recently, the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor, and Treasury together announced a set of rules meant to eliminate surprise billing from...

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