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Vivify Pathways +Go

Mobile Population Health and Chronic Care Management


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Engage patients. Drive adherence. Improve outcomes. Boost CCM billing.

Vivify Pathways +Go a mobile population health and chronic care management solution integrated with MicroMD EMR to give practices and patients a simple tool to help improve health outcomes.


More Focused Patient Time
Increased Reimbursements


Improved Outcomes
Constant Patient Attention

How it works with your practice

Vivify empowers practices to drive patient engagement and adherence to population health and CCM care paths.

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Improve chronic conditions

Use the Vivify Portal to set up default care paths or create your own


Reduce data entry burden

MicroMD EMR populates Vivify with patient demographic and chronic condition data


Invite patients

Providers can then identify and invite patients, through MicroMD, to participate via their own mobile device computer

How patients engage with Vivify portal

Vivify empowers patients to stay connected with your practice between office visits.

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Patient enrolls & registers

Patients receive a notification to enroll via text or email and register for their own Vivify Patient Portal


Patient uses their own mobile device

Using their own mobile devices, patients then receive scheduled reminders, educational videos, and other health information related to their care plan

How it works with your practice and patients

Vivify empowers practices to remotely identify opportunities for timely clinical intervention.

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Help manage chronic conditions

Spend time reviewing and engaging with Vivify population health/CCM tasks and following up with patients to help manage their chronic conditions


Take action

Take action when a patient isn’t engaging, hasn’t completed steps, or if submitted vitals are out of norm

How it works with your billing

Vivify empowers practices to track and report on every second spent reviewing clinical information.

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Help boost CCM billing reimbursement!

*per eligible patient per month


Automate CCM billing

Time is tracked for completed Vivify CCM tasks which is then passed through to the MicroMD CCM module to support CCM billing (additional time tracked in Vivify for CCM tasks automatically updates in MicroMD for each patient)


Fast clinical access

Patient submitted vitals, including BP, weight, and blood glucose are pushed back into MicroMD EMR as patient generated health data (PGHD)


Boost CCM billing

Your practice can then use the appropriate documented CCM time as part of your established CCM billing processes

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