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MicroMD InterFAX Electronic Faxing

Integrated MicroMD EMR Solution:

MicroMD InterFAX

Electronic Faxing

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Reduce Expenditures

MicroMD Interfax eliminates the need for a traditional fax line which saves your office money on the line, printing, and paper costs.

Boost Office Efficiency

With InterFAX, offices eliminate the need for physical fax lines which provides flexibility for multiple inbound and outbound fax lines to be utilized throughout your practice.

Direct Integration

Integrated directly with MicroMD EMR, InterFAX users can receive inbound faxes securely and send referrals through fax out of MicroMD EMR as well.

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The Secure Inbound & Outbound Electronic Faxing Solution

MicroMD Interfax is a MicroMD EMR-integrated outbound and inbound web-based fax solution that allows practices to securely, efficiently and cost-effectively send, receive and manage electronic faxes.

Utilizing Batch Basket in MicroMD EMR

Print, send, or publish multiple faxes simultaneously when utilizing MicroMD EMR’s Batch Basket tool. When utilizing this tool, a user can select several items from a patient’s chart, place them in the batch basket, and then fax them to another member of the care team.


EMR-Integrated Inbound Faxing

Users can easily fax documents into MicroMD EMR so that staff can easily view and assign a fax to a patient or alert users to fax availability with a few simple clicks inside the system.

EMR-Integrated Outbound Faxing

Easily and securely fax encounter notes, procedure notes, and/or referral orders directly from your MicroMD EMR system to referring organizations or providers.

Secure Faxing Options

Faxes received flow directly into a secure inbox in MicroMD EMR. Users have the flexibility to establish a specific fax line for different types of communications.

Interfax Packages

Users have the option to select from inbound only, outbound only, or a combination in terms of packages with InterFAX. The cost of the package is determined by the amount of faxes sent or received by the practice.

Fax machine Fax server MicroMD Interfax
Limited to making one call (inbound / outbound) at any given time Limited to making calls according to how many lines are connected No limit on the number of outgoing / incoming faxes at any given time
Requires physical line, hardware (fax machine), ink and paper Requires physical lines, hardware (fax server) No equipment required at client side
Requires purchasing a fax machine Requires purchasing, configuring and maintaining a fax server No maintenance and no configuration – registration is done in minutes
Requires dedicated software (on server and client machines) to send / receive faxes No software required
No redundancy (if machine breaks down, client loses capability to send / receive faxes) Limited redundancy (in most cases, if there is a problem, client would not be able to send / receive faxes) Full redundancy (internal problems in Interfax do not affect client’s ability to send / receive faxes)
To send a fax, the client must physically be at the fax machine with the printed paper To send a fax, client must be in the network that is connected to the fax server To send a fax, client can be in any location that he can send an email to the Interfax system
Client is charged a line fee for the ability to send faxes Client is charged a line fee for the ability to send faxes Client is only charged for the cost of the faxes sent and nothing more
A fax that is received is printed next to the fax machine for all to see administrators of the server A fax that is received is stored on the fax server and can be viewed by all A fax that is received in Interfax is sent to a specific email address only
Dependent on local environment (power, availability of line, etc…) Dependent on local environment (power, availability of line, etc…) Not affected by local environment (inbound faxes will continue regardless of the situation at client location)

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