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MicroMD PM Integrated Solution:

TSI Collections

Medical Collections

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Improved Customer Experience

TSI Representatives are empathetic and understanding of the patient position which enables your practice to recover debt while maintaining relationships.

Secure Collections Environment

Your practice, providers, and patients can feel safe knowing that all collections are completed through a HIPAA compliant environment.

Easy & Intuitive Client Online Access

The TSI online client portal allows 24/7 access to check patient accounts, ask questions, and more.

TSI delivers unparalleled results by utilizing a proprietary predictive analytics platform that drives our next-generation recovery operations. We offer strategic end-to-end accounts receivable management and debt collection solutions that make your cash flow.

Recover Patient Debt

TSI patient AR collections enables your practice to get cash flowing, faster, while freeing up your billing office from manual processes. With the MicroMD PM integration, clients filter and select accounts based on their preferred criteria. From there, MicroMD creates an electronic file of selected accounts and sends it securely to TSI.

TSI Integrates with MicroMD PM

When you choose to integrate your collections services with MicroMD PM, everything will be done within your PM system and the file(s) will be sent to TSI for processing after you select the accounts. Accounts that have been sent to TSI will be notated in your PM system.


Easy & Quick Setup

TSI Collections is easy, and quick – allowing members of your practice to focus on tasks outside of collecting patient debts.

Phased Approach to Patient Collections

When your practice chooses TSI for your recovery needs, you also have the choice of collection models. Each plan engages with patients differently to give you more control over the type of communication used to contact each patient in an appropriate manner.

Free Training

Your training is provided by both MicroMD and TSI working together to ensure both companies understand your preferred workflow


Regulatory Compliance

TSI is fully compliant with TCPA, FDCPA, and HIPAA requirements protecting both your practice and your patients’ information.

Select a Communication Medium

Your practice can choose between first party (in your practice’s name) or third party (in TSI’s name) communications to recover patient debts.

Ready to get your cash flowing today?

Built-in MicroMD integration works with all TSI cash flow management services including:


Frequent friendly reminder service accelerates patient responses

Profit Recovery

Soft Collections – recover more and maintain your relationship

Verbal Collections

For those tougher accounts

TSI Patient Payment Collections Resources


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