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MicroMD Virtual Visits powered by Medpod

Standalone & Integrated Solution:

MicroMD Virtual Video Visits powered by Medpod

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Increase patient satisfaction

Offer your patients personalized face time minus the waiting room and drive time for routine visits.

Enhance your model of care

Transform your practice with virtual care aimed to eliminate barriers, increase patient volume, and expand reimbursement possibilities.

Grow your practice

With virtual visits, your practice reaches towards value-based care initiatives and enables patients to access care.

Medpod enables healthcare provides to extend reach, redistribute resources, build volume and transform their business by advancing the science of virtual care, reducing costs and improving outcomes and enabling the new value based healthcare paradigm.

Connect with Patients Anytime, Anywhere

MicroMD Virtual Video Visits powered by Medpod is a physician to patient consultation service that provides a browser-based platform for easy, virtual visits — anytime, anywhere.

Encrypted Video

Secured with Advanced Encrypted Standards (AES) 256-bit encryption to ensure your patient and provider information is protected.


Configurable Virtual Waiting Room

Ability to customize virtual waiting room with your practice brand and logo.

Eligibility Verification

Verify payment eligibility when the appointment is scheduled.

Browser-based interface

Allows your patients the ability to access the Medpod platform on their own personal devices.

Integrated & Standalone Solution

Medpod is available as an integrated solution for MicroMD clients and as a standalone solution for and any prospects in need of a virtual visit solution.

On-demand Video Translation & Interpretation

Optional integration with live medical translation and interpretation services available 24/7 covering 250+ languages, including ASL.

Ready to see how telehealth can impact your practice?

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66% of patients would use telehealth solutions.

Why not your practice, too?

Start making telehealth visits and connect with your patients anytime, anywhere.

MicroMD & Medpod Working Together

Adding virtual visits to your practice has never been easier

Scheduling a Telehealth Visit

To schedule a telehealth visit on your appointment schedule use the calendar just like a normal in office appointment, just make sure that your telehealth appointment class is selected. Your telehealth visits will then show up in Scheduled Visits in MicroMD EMR.

Patient Telehealth Visit Notification

On a personal device, such as a smartphone, your patient will have received a secure link via email or text, prior to the appointment, to initiate the telehealth visit.

Provider Access to Medpod Portal

When it’s time for the patients telehealth visit, the provider simply clicks the Medpod Web Login icon in their Desktop Navigator within MicroMD EMR to access the Medpod portal. This allows the provider to see any patients in the waiting room, select the patient, and start the visit.

Patient Telehealth Appointment Login

Once the patient clicks on the secure link, they will be asked to enter basic demographic information. Upon verification of their demographic information, the patient will automatically be connected to the provider or placed in a virtual waiting room until the provider joins the visit.

During the Telehealth Visit

As the provider is conducting the telehealth visit, the provider has the ability to document and chart during the visit right in MicroMD EMR or when visit is completed.

After the Telehealth Visit

At the end of the visit, simply click END in the Medpod portal and process billing the visit as necessary in your normal MicroMD workflow.



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Ready to see how telehealth can impact your practice?

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