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MicroMD PM Integrated Solution:

RevOps AI-powered Revenue Cycle Data Tool

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Find Partially Paid Claims

Let the computer do the hard work gathering revenue cycle date from all existing systems nightly. Automatically assemble a list of partially paid claims and patterns in claim payments so you can act promptly.

Track Insurer Behavior

Monitor subtle changes in Payer behavior with real time 24/7 anomaly detection watching your claims for changes in adjudication behavior. Get real-time visibility into your practice’s revenue operations to find opportunities for improved payment and better financial health.

Identify Incorrect Denials

Clean and blend clinical, practice, and clearinghouse data into a single source of truth. Get notified of incorrect denials as soon as the practice receives the 835 to act quickly to avoid leaving revenue on the table.

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RevOps Health is a data company that builds technology to simplify how healthcare providers track, manage, and analyze reimbursements.

Are You Sure You’re Being Fully Paid By Insurers?

Medical reimbursement is complex, making it easy for payment mistakes to occur. Uncorrected claims are money left of the table that insurance companies get to keep, if undiscovered. Without powerful tools to detect them, practices can be silently losing 10% in revenue each year.

RevOps Health, an AI-powered data platform, integrated with MicroMD PM, is designed to help you identify those payment errors insures hope you never find.

Data Quality

Identify Under Payments

Healthcare providers spend $0.25 out of every dollar they earn simply to get paid. Catch insures in the act.

Move seamlessly from dashboards to individual claims and EOBs seeing around every corner of an encounter and helping you identify reimbursements that were paid out less than they should have.

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revops identify under payments
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Data Quality

Enforce Payer Contracts

Ensure payers meet contractual obligations by aggregating data across multiple systems into a single source of truth.

Compare reimbursement behavior according to service and by insurer.


Quickly Find Data on the Fly

With our Google-style, user-defined search engine, find the answers you’re looking for in milliseconds, not minutes.

Recalculate complex KPIs on the fly against search results.

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Reimbursement Analytics

Watch Insurers Patterns in Real-Time

Unlock access to real-time reimbursement data. See patterns for individual services from different payers. Even discover subtle variations in denials, so you can quickly identify changes in payer adjudication behavior.

Getting Started is Easy

Simple & Transparent Pricing

One low monthly fee and no hidden costs for billing services and practices with five providers or more.

Easy Startup

Only two 30-minute phone calls to get started.

No Heavy Lifting

RevOps works with your existing vendors to assemble your practice data into a single, high-resolution data set.

Let’s Bill Better.

Medical billing has gotten too complex for humans to manage alone. See how data fusion technology does the grunt work for you.



Incorporating Revenue Intelligence Into Your Practice Operations

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Healthcare Is Now Data Driven

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Are You Sure You’re Being Fully Paid by Insurers

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