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MedicScan DL & Insurance Card Scanning

MicroMD PM Integrated Solution:

MedicScan powered by acuant

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Improved Efficiency. Decreased Errors.

Medicscan patient ID and insurance card scanning solution powered by Acuant enables practices to improve the entire patient registration process. This automation tool is integrated with MicroMD to extract images and data from documents such as driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards to automatically populate your patient demographics screens.


Expedite Registration Process
Registering new patients or updating insurance information takes only seconds when using Medicscan. Alleviate front office staff’s stress and create a painless registration process for your patients.


Enhance Patient Experience
Fast, accurate, and smooth registration will not only please your front office staff, but also your patients. Improve the patient experience at your practice by implementing an automation tool that limits the possibility for an inaccurate patient record.


Eliminate Human Error
When performing manual processes, human error is possible and expected. Automation tools, like Medicscan, eliminates the possibility for human error as it populates demographic information into the patient detail for you.


Reduce Claim Returns
Inaccurate information included on claims will result in returns. This creates extra work for your billing staff, and more calls for your front office. Collecting accurate information during registration is easy with automation tools and can save your practice time.


Decrease Manual Entry
Your front office staff will have more time to complete other arduous tasks that require their attention. When you eliminate manual entry during the registration process, you free up time for phone call, follow ups, billing, patient interaction and more.

How Medicscan’s scanning solution works with your practice and MicroMD

Medicscan is a simple solution that only requires the staff member to insert the patient ID card or insurance card and allow the system to scan.

Product Features

Automatic card detection
Extracts data from driver’s licenses or insurance cards and auto-populates patient record
Windowless work run mode – no additional open windows necessary
Capable of reading licenses and ID cards for 50 states and 80 countries around the world

ScanShell® 800DX w/ MedicScan®

The 800DX is an OCR scanner that populates your information in the PM, and is a duplex device.

ScanShell® 800R w/ MedicScan®

The 800R is able to scan one side of a document at a time.

Contact your Client Insights Manager to learn how Medicscan powered by Acuant can help your practice improve efficiency and decrease errors.

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