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MicroMD PM Integrated Solution:

SmartAction, 24/7 Self-Service Appointment Scheduling Automation

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Reduce Scheduling Headaches

Let us handle scheduling so you and your team can focus on what you do best: patient care.

Book Appointments 24/7

Empower patients to book appointments at their convenience day or night.

Reduce No-Shows

Rescheduling and canceling anytime makes it easy for patients to update their availability with your office, even outside of business hours, reducing no-shows.

Boost Office Efficiency

Let SmartAction handle scheduling so you and your office team can focus on higher value tasks.

SmartAction, integrated with our MicroMD PM solution, empowers patients with 24/7 self-service access to schedule, change, confirm, and/or cancel appointments over an automated phone process — without any live support needed.

Why Automate with SmartAction?

Ease of Integration

Out-of-the box integration with MicroMD and connection to your existing phone system.

Best-in-Class AI

The most human-like voice experience trained and tuned to the language of your business and patients.

Intelligent Transfer

Easily transfer for any caller who presses 0, asks to speak with someone, or has difficulty finding a suitable time slot.

HIPAA Compliant

SmartAction is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations to ensure patient privacy.

Customized Hours

Benefit from automated scheduling 24/7 or choose to use automated scheduling after hours only. The choice is yours.

Conversation, Not Complexity

Delight patients with a conversational automated experience. No navigating through frustrating phone trees or waiting on hold.

Automate the Patient Scheduling Journey with SmartAction

Scheduling Intent

Are you calling to make a new appointment, change, cancel, or confirm?

3-Factor HIPAA Authentication

Can you verify your name, phone number, date of birth, and zip code?

Confirm Doctor

Are you calling to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee?

Appointment Type

Is this a new exam or follow up?

Reason for Visit

In a few words, please describe the reason for your visit.

Negotiate Best Day & Time

The next appointment I have available is May 2nd at 2:00 pm. Does that work?

Text Message Confirmation

Would you like me to text your appointment details to the phone number ending in 4591?

Text Sent

Text has been sent.

Hear How it Works

Want to hear how SmartAction puts “conversational” in “conversational AI”? Listen how easy it is to schedule a medical appointment using our best-in-class solution.



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