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MicroMD PM & EMR Integrated Solution:

CHADIS Pre-visit Questionnaire Solution

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Data Collection

Reduces data collection, documentation burdens, and supports telehealth. Offers over 600 questionnaires and automatically assigns, requests, collects, scores, interprets, and reports patient-generated data.

Identify Concerns

Uses evidence-based tools to accurately identify problems and provides real-time suggestions. Powering your practice with the best in today’s information technology shows your commitment to evidence-based patient-centered care.

Increase Income & Streamline Workflows

Earns added income from billing for screening and complexity. Online data collection saves office staff time – no more paper and manual scoring and scanning.

The most complete web-based patient data collection system for comprehensive health and mental health care for all ages. It automatically assigns, requests, collects, scores, interprets, and graphs.

CHADIS helps write your clinical notes, facilitates between-visit monitoring, referrals and tracking, MOC-4 credits, and population data collection.

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No More Paper Questionnaires, Manual Scoring or Scanning

CHADIS is the complete pre-visit questionnaire solution integrated with MicroMD PM and EMR that uses evidence-based tools to accurately identify problems and provide real-time suggestions. CHADIS allows clinicians to focus on patient concerns and visit agenda.

Patient Engagement Reminder System

CHADIS offers a preventive service prompting system that uses automated reminders by email and SMS for patients to complete online questionnaires that are chosen by the office and automatically assigned appropriately for the visit type and the patients’ age – including well-child visits.


Over 600 adult and pediatric questionnaires available including history, development and autism, behavioral health, general health, social determinants of health, and satisfaction surveys.

Quality Improvement & Data Reports

CHADIS can produce quality monitoring reports and registries for internal use by practices and providers. Reports can be used to support standards for compliance with PCMH, Medicaid requirements, such as EPSDT, and other programs consistency for your staff.

Patient Specific Resources

Provides important health information and appropriate community resources tailored just for the patient by questionnaire results or clinician.

MOC-4 & CME Credits

Launch CHADIS as a quality improvement activity with MOC-4 built-in. Certified American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) MOC Portfolio sponsor providing MOC-4 for psychiatrists, family medicine doctors, as well as pediatricians, physician assistants, and internal medicine doctors.

Pre-filled Chronic Care Modules

Incorporates patient submitted pre-visit data for ADHD, Asthma, or Family Stress modules providing clinicians with tailored graphics of questionnaire results facilitating discussion with patient.

Ready to start gathering patient-generated data effortlessly?

Access Questionnaire Data Before Patient Visits

A complete web-based patient data collection solution that can be used to support clinical and shared decisions, track data, and create quality improvement reports.

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Use of an Online Clinical Process Support System as an Aid to Identification

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CHADIS the Complete Pre-Visit Questionnaire Solution

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CHADIS Complements Telehealth

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