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MicroMD EMR Integrated Solution:

Topaz eSignature Pad

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Improve patient satisfaction

Streamlined patient admission and registration processes reduces waiting times for your patients.

Eliminate document loss

Electronic signatures captured on an eSignature pad with Topaz are automatically stored in MicroMD EMR.

Reduce paper intake

Staff members will no longer need to find room for the rising number of paper documents or purchasing filing cabinets.

Topaz Systems provides electronic signature software and hardware solutions to enable paperless documentation creation, signing, and authentication of electronic forms with digital handwritten signatures.

Lose those traditional hand-written signatures.

Topaz eSignature pad is a electronic signature device integrated with MicroMD EMR to provide practices a paperless centralized workflow.

Patient Digital Signature Capture

Capture patient digital signatures at the point of care to speed up front office administrative processes.


Physician Digital Signature Capture and Storage

Capture and store physician signatures for prescriptions, referral letters, and clinical templates.

Audit Logs

Physician captured signatures are stored in MicroMD EMR and records each use in the audit log, including who used the signature and when.

Seamless Integration

Integration with MicroMD EMR software allows you to drag and drop electronic signatures in variety of forms and templates within the system increasing workflow efficiency.

SignatureGem® LCD 4x3 Signature Pad

Allows you to capture a high-quality electronic signature through an LCD interactive display, which displays the signature on the device, as well as the computer screen.

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MicroMD and Topaz Working Together

Adding digitial signatures to your EMR software.

Speed up front office processes with electronically signed administrative forms at the point of care

MicroMD EMR in conjunction with the Topaz electronic signature device and software, allows users to create administrative form templates, that the user or patient can sign electronically with your device at the time of using the form, such as a HIPAA Disclosure Form, allowing your practice to speed up front office processes at the point of care.

Increase office efficiency with stored digital signatures and audit records

Physician signature can be captured and stored in MicroMD EMR to be used on standard forms, such as referral letters, encounters, and prescriptions to help increase clinical workflow efficiency. For added security, MicroMD records each use of this captured signature in Audit Log reports, including who used the signature and when.

Easily create templates with digital signatures

With the signature capture control and drag and drop functionality, you can appropriately place the correct digital signature in your administrative, referral letters, encounters, and prescription templates. The system will automatically pull the appropriate signature based on the template you are utilizing.

For further practice efficiency, if the signature has already been utilized in a template, MicroMD EMR retains those instances in the patient’s chart to maintain the integrity of your documentation.

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