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Medical Guardian HIPAA Security Tools

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Medical Guardian HIPAA Security Tools

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Your Practice is at Risk!

The Government is Cracking Down on Compliance
There Are Steep Consequences For Providers Who Do Not Comply With The Law
Healthcare Sector Is More Vulnerable To Attacks Than Other Industry Sectors
50% Of U.S. Data Breaches Occur In Small Organizations

We are the leaders in Medical Practice Data Protection


Data Guardian Pros, Inc. (DGP) provides the first comprehensive information security and regulatory compliance solution created for professional medical providers, by medical and information security professionals and privacy experts. Unique to the industries, DGP is comprised of seasoned information security veterans and national thought leaders.

Regulatory Compliance created for Medical Providers

With decades of experience addressing the complex information security and compliance issues of large public and private organizations, DGP provides a systematic tool set and approach to help medical providers fully address HIPAA/HITECH requirements while protecting your patients’ private information and your brand, business and reputation.

The Risk of Doing Nothing

Erosion of Practice
Loss of Patients; Reduction of New Patients.

Damage Control
Time spent to mitigate a security breach. Staff retention. Damage to your personal and professional reputation.

Civil lawsuits
By patients and potential fines by agencies and states’ attorneys general.

Penalties & Notifications

  • $233 per compromised patient record. Average practice has 3,000 records = $699,000 out of pocket!
  • Notifying all patients involved. Public notification – state/federal agencies, press release to media and website posting.
  • Providing credit monitoring services.

It’s a must have!

In the event of a lawsuit, or audit by regulatory authorities, every practice must demonstrate that they are in compliance with the regulations – this is the law and must be performed annually.

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Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance

DGP’s suite follows the life cycle of a security program under the HIPAA and HITECH requirements. This begins with the online portal, backed by experts, enabling you to measure, track, manage and monitor your compliance status. The following services help practices meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA and HITECH.

Comprehensive Online Risk Analysis: One of the first safeguards HIPAA requires covered entities and practices to assess and understand risks and vulnerabilities to your practice systems and the patient information stored on them. The DGP portal allows you to systematically evaluate the risks to your practice and determine the “treatment plan” and controls your need to apply to those risks. This analysis encompasses both security and privacy requirements, as stipulated by the HIPAA regulation.
HIPAA Forms and Policies: Access a library of examples of policies and procedures and supporting forms to be adapted by the practice to their specific needs in addressing the HIPAA/HITECH privacy, security and breach notification requirements. The forms include Business Associates Agreements (BAA) and related policies and procedures required to manage vendor and third party relationships that involve the disclosure of patient information.
Self-Paced On-Demand Privacy and Security Awareness Training: Through the DGP portal you will have access to training tailored specifically for you, the doctor and your team. All the training is graded and logged, which is a standard of good practice required by law.
24/7 Monitoring: DGP transparently collects and analyzes network traffic looking for potential internal and external hostile activity. Remediation steps will immediately be provided to address identified threats. In addition, periodic vulnerability scanning will be performed to identify potential vulnerabilities within your office and network. Reporting will be done through a dashboard and reports available to providers and their IT professionals through the DGP customer portal.

Annual DGP Certificate of Compliance

Awarded to practices that complete the steps provided in the tools to create a HIPAA compliance program and updated annually as you keep your compliance program current. The Seal of Trust also provides a level of awareness and peace of mind to your patents validating your efforts and investment in protecting their private information.

Document Library

An additional feature of the DGP portal, is a digital notebook containing the document library of all the components that are a part of compliance: the risk analysis, audit findings, network logs, BAA agreements, training logs and materials and forms. This digital library serves as the foundation of evidentiary support if a breach or audit were to occur.

Your practice is at risk, let us help!

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