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MicroMD EMR Integrated Solution:

MicroMD CDS powered by Persivia

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Better Care. Better Health.

MicroMD CDS (Clinical Decision Support) powered by Persivia arms providers with real-time evidence-based alerts, guidelines, and protocols to close care gaps and improve quality measure scores. Accessible directly in the MicroMD EMR workflow, MicroMD CDS works behind the scenes to query Persivia’s vast library of over 30,000 outcome driven clinical care rules for multiple specialties to support clinical decision making.


Improve Quality of Care
Access decision-making data and recommendations at your fingertips, improve care, and save time with a single evidence-based compilation of relevant information in one place.


Maximize Quality Measure Participation
Maximize provider completion of required steps for payment program Quality and Promoting Interoperability improvements.


Increase Revenue and Reduce Healthcare Costs
Identify opportunities for chronic care management actions that can translate to revenue opportunities and reduced healthcare compilation of relevant costs over time.

Over 30,000 outcome-driven clinical care rules across multiple specialties and practice goals

Chronic conditions

Order sets

Care management assessments

Diagnostics and authorization

Medication use, management, and safety surveillance

Appropriate test ordering

Quality and Promoting Interoperability measures


How it works with your practice and MicroMD

MicroMD CDS powered by Persivia provides ongoing analysis of all patient data and generates evidence-based guidelines in real-time.

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  • Overnight CDAs in MicroMD EMR are sent to Persivia for next day’s scheduled patients
  • The Persivia Rules Engine analyzes the CDA data against its catalogue of rules set up by provider to identify and return applicable evidence-based alerts
  • Returned alerts are displayed with severity, guidelines, references, and recommended actions and viewable via a color-coded icon in the MicroMD EMR Chart Header and Patient Monitor, as well as in in the Assessments, Medications, and Plan tabs within encounters
  • Users choose which alert types to view, including STAT, ASAP, Urgent, Elective, Routine, No Priority and set up view preferences by provider to see only the icon or icon plus an alert pop-up in MicroMD Charts and Encounters
  • Users take recommended actions, including labs, diagnostics, referrals, assessments, or medications, by selecting and adding an action to a patient’s plan tab then create an order within their normal EMR workflow
  • At any time, users can refresh the CDS data to access the most current alerts or select a single patient to send their CDA to be analyzed against the rules engine and receive alerts prior to or during an unscheduled visit

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