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Immunization Reporting
MicroMD EMR Feature

Immunization Reporting

Streamline Vaccine Data Directly to Your State’s Registry

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Easy, Accurate, and Timely Vaccine Reporting

State immunization registries directly built into your MicroMD EMR enable your practice to meet state and federal regulatory requirements while saving your staff valuable time.

Meaningful Use

Interfacing with your EHR vendor for your state’s immunization registry enables you to complete and attest for MACRA/MIPS measures.

Direct MicroMD Transmission

Vaccine data transmission takes place directly out of your EMR workflow eliminating the need for any third party integrations.

State Registries

MicroMD interfaces with many state registries already and evaluates connectivity for other state registries on request of clients.

Achieve Vaccine Reporting Success

Achieve success with a MicroMD interface to your state’s immunization registry through MACRA/MIPS Promoting Interoperability Category. Through active engagement with completing, submitting, testing, and validating vaccine data, your office can reap success and receive reimbursement from CMS.

Eliminate Double Entry with MicroMD EMR

The MicroMD immunization reporting feature is included in MicroMD EMR. As of now, there are handful of state immunization registries that MicroMD is already interfacing with. This enables your practice to improve clinical outcomes easily, attest for MACRA/MIPS measures, and eliminate double entry work that ties your staff up from other duties.

MicroMD clients benefit from our ability to interface with many third parties due to our software meeting interoperability standards. If you are a current MicroMD client looking to interface with you state’s immunization registry, we can help.

MicroMD Currently Interfaces with These State Immunization Registries

Our top states:

• Florida, • Ohio, • Texas, • Georgia, • California, • Illinois, • Alabama, • Pennsylvania, • New Jersey

We also interface to these states…

• Oregon, • North Carolina, • Colorado, • Indiana, • Maryland, • New York, • Tennessee, • West Virginia, • Missouri, • Nevada, • Arkansas

Don’t see your state and interested in looking into MicroMD software?

We have dedicated resources available that can help make that possible. Request a live demo to learn more about MicroMD software features and our interfaces.

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