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Cardiologist listening to patient's heart

How MicroMD Helps Cardiology Physicians

Standard & Customizable Templates

Templates available for forms/letters, utilize point and click, text, or Dragon for quicker documentation, and soon procedures, too.

Rx Hub

Rx Hub provides the medication history that the patient has filled over the past two years to assist providers in making treatment plans.

Clinical Dashboards

Comprehensive and customized views of cardiology patients’ charts available in several sections throughout the EMR for easy access throughout the patient visit.

A Cardiology EMR System at the Heart of Your Practice

Risk Profiling & Goal Monitoring

MicroMD EMR allows you to maintain a list of risks relevant to each patient at your cardiology practice. This will make up the patient’s “Risk Profile.” This can contain entries like, “Heart Disease” and the factors in their life that contribute to that risk can be listed, like smoking, high blood pressure, or high blood cholesterol.

Goal monitoring works to help monitor a patient’s progress as they work to eliminate health risks. Within MicroMD EMR, goal monitoring templates help you track progress as patients work to overcome or eliminate health risks. From there, you can add monitor to help you record details, or lack thereof.

Cardiology Goal Tracking
Cardiology Vitals

Integrated Diagnostic Devices

The diagnostic test section of the EMR allows providers to review ordered test results. For example, results of an EKG would be added to a patients chart and then be reviewed within the Diagnostic Tests section. Providers can easily record and import vitals from diagnostic devices into MicroMD EMR for installed devices. MicroMD EMR has a direct integration with Cardiac Science EKG machines, as well.

Through add on solutions like MicroMD Virtual visits powered by Medpod, MicroMD also offers remote patient monitoring tools to help cardiologists keep a closer eye on their patients outside of the office.

Lab Company Interfaces & Results

MicroMD EMR supports the HL7 standard; Internet protocols; the XML specification, a published application programming interface for Windows®; and other techniques. We currently have a number of interfaces with labs including: Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Solstas.

Ordering blood work, or an electrocardiogram and receiving/delivering a result to your patient is made easy with MicroMD. As a provider, you can manage laboratory results with designations like…

  • Final: For lab results received electronically/that are complete.
  • Preliminary: Lab companies send this status if they plan to send final results shortly.
  • In Progress: New lab orders set to be completed.
  • Incomplete: If the results are missing data.
  • Final (Corrected): If the lab company sends results corrections to the final labs.
  • Rejected: Labs that were not performed will show as rejects.
Cardiology Lab Tests

MicroMD EMR Provides These Heart Focused Cardiology Features…

  • Easily view lab results with visual trends/comparisons
  • Health maintenance monitoring/reminders
    • Standard and customizable
  • Radiology PACs Interfaces
  • E-Prescribing for licensed providers
    • Additional EPCS access available through add on service
  • Easy ICD 10 lookup feature for quicker documentation
  • HIE Interfaces
    • Illustrate common cardiac conditions and educate patients on procedures with Visual Consult
  • More…

Add on Solutions for a More Streamlined Cardiology Practice

Henry Schein Secure Chart

Cut down on manual tasks while meeting regulatory measures with a patient portal that provides document sharing and publishing, online patient payments, and appointment requests.

Virtual Waiting Room

Create a safe and virtual waiting room for your patients and staff with Yosi Health – enable your patients to schedule, complete paperwork and make payments all through their own personal smart device today.

MicroMD All Access Reports

Custom reporting through MicroMD is available – we can train your team to create their own custom reports, create reports by request, or provide the MicroMD All-access Reports Package based on your practice’s resources and needs.

Provide your cardiology practice with software to work smart and thrive today.

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