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Obstetrics and Gynecology Electronic Medical Record Software

Obstetrics and Gynecology Electronic Medical Record Software

OB chart workflow

MicroMD EMR allows you to streamline documentation with specific chart categories, such as genetic screening, prenatal visits and fetal ultrasound to manage the OB-GYN clinical workflow. Easily access or update the OB Care Record from any step in the OB-GYN clinical workflow.

With MicroMD EMR for OB-GYN practices, your practice can:

  • Easily identify active pregnancies with OB indicator
  • Track, sort and filter key data for pregnant patients and identify patients due in a particular week or month
  • Quickly document the first physical with the OB initial exam feature
  • Calculate weight change from first visit and last visit automatically
  • Track the last time the Antepartum Form was sent to Labor & Delivery
  • Keep track of updates to EDD changes

Customizable OB Clinical Dashboard

The OB Clinical Dashboard provides a convenient at-a-glance view of the patient’s chart all on the same screen. Clearly display OB related histories and screening information monitor key clinical test results or changes in vitals, record birth or print the Antepartum Report.

Antepartum reporting

Effortlessly transition from paper to ACOG-like electronic forms; customize forms for your hospitals’ L&D requirements. MicroMD EMR will retain your last selection or preference for an efficient workflow. Choose to include test results or pre-natal encounters by date range. E-mail or fax the antepartum report directly to L&D in just a few clicks—or print and deliver a comprehensive hard copy.

Clinical, financial and administrative features

Along with specific features designed for women’s health providers, MicroMD EMR also has a wide range of clinical, financial and administrative features including:

  • Charge capture – Capture charges more accurately and more thoroughly— at the point of care—for all services, whether a simple lab test, injection or mammography. Eliminate the hassle of lost superbills or encounter forms, and minimize costly data entry.
  • Flexible documentation – Choose the encounter capture method that suits your preference or practice style: problem-focused templates, encounter forms, voice recognition, dictation or text-based data entry.
  • Health maintenance and pay for performance – Implement preventive care programs and long-term goal monitoring for pap smears, mammograms and other ongoing measures.
  • Diagnostic image integration – Keep mammography, ultrasound and other medical images available at the point of care.
  • Laboratory integration – Gain full access to results from in-house and reference labs through a bi-directional, HL7-interface.

Our guarantee: Ensure MicroMD EMR helps providers achieve Meaningful Use for the long-term

Our commitment does not stop at Stage 1. With three stages of meaningful use for providers to achieve through the duration of the EHR incentive programs, providers need to rely on an EMR that will help them secure reimbursements from Day 1 to the last. We will continue to enhance futures versions of MicroMD EMR to meet the evolving meaningful use requirements.

* Imaging features are intended for documentation and patient education purposes and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

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