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Obstetrics and Gynecology Electronic Medical Record Software


Specialty Content for Improved Care Delivery in Obstetrics and Gynecology Practices

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How MicroMD Helps Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians

Standard & Customizable Templates for Gynecologists

Templates available for forms/letters, utilize point and click, text, or Dragon for quicker documentation, and soon procedures, too.

Easily Template OBGYN Procedures

Obstetricians and Gynecologists can easily template procedures and put them into a note with text template including pick lists or without them.

Clinical Dashboards

Comprehensive and customized views of a patient’s charts available in several sections throughout the EMR for easy access throughout the patient visit.

Improved Care Delivery for Your OB/GYN Practice Begins with Specialized Features

Dedicated Obstetrics Module

MicroMD EMR has a dedicated module for obstetric care to help your providers document efficiently with features specific to the care they provide. This module includes…

  • Genetic screening
  • OB Medical history & pregnancy history
  • OB Initial exam
  • Prenatal exam
  • Fetal ultrasounds
  • Auto calculate weight changes
  • Calculate and update EDD changes
  • Track antepartum forms
  • Labor and delivery

Our obstetrics module provides the fields and data points needed to help obstetricians compile all of the information needed while caring for a pregnant patient.

dedicated obstetrics module
dedicated gynecology dashboard

Women’s Health Module

The women’s health module located in MicroMD’s EMR enables practice’s to focus on delivering optimal women’s health. Specialized feature for gynecological care, family planning, and more provide the documentation needs for clinicians.

Gynecology history allows providers to input any previous health problems including ovarian cancer or cysts into a patient’s chart. If there is any previous history of issues regarding menstruation, this should go under the Menstruation History sub-category. In the Menstruation History section, providers can input specific details regarding a patient’s menstruation cycle or details regarding menopause. Also within MicroMD EMR, a provider can keep track of any family planning methods employed by the patient like oral contraceptives or implants. All of these are available in the Women’s Health section of a patient’s Medical Information tab.

Lab Company Interfaces & Results

MicroMD EMR supports the HL7 standard; Internet protocols; the XML specification, a published application programming interface for Windows®; and other techniques. We currently have a number of interfaces with labs including: Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Solstas.

Ordering an ultrasound, or a mammogram and receiving/delivering a result to your patient is made easy with MicroMD. As a provider, you can manage laboratory results with designations like…

  • Final: For lab results received electronically/that are complete.
  • Preliminary: Lab companies send this status if they plan to send final results shortly.
  • In Progress: New lab orders set to be completed.
  • Incomplete: If the results are missing data.
  • Final (Corrected): If the lab company sends results corrections to the final labs.
  • Rejected: Labs that were not performed will show as rejects.
OB/GYN lab results
women's health screening

Health Screening Questionnaires

The Health Screening feature in MicroMD EMR enables your practice to create templates for any screening. This screening could contain a list of questions you ask a patient consistently when they come in for a visit, or a set of questions you ask patients with a certain disease/illness.

Some Health Screening templates may contain scoring components while others will just be questions. Templates with scoring will have the score for each section appear in the header of that section. Health Screening templates allow your practice to standardize the screening process and MicroMD EMR comes with a few standard screenings already created for your organization.

MicroMD EMR Provides Specialty Specific Features to Improve Care Delivery at Your OBGYN Practice

  • Track/Sort/Filter pregnant patient due in specific timeframes
  • Electronic antepartum reporting
  • Health management and prevention programs
    • Standard and customizable
  • E-Prescribing for licensed providers
    • Additional EPCS access available through add on service
  • Rx Hub
  • Patient education
    • Standard and customizable

Add on Solutions for Improved Care Delivery in Your OB/GYN Practice


Easily send appointment reminders, birthday messages, and practice newsletters through call, text, or email to patients at your practice to reduce no shows and manual work done by your staff.

MicroMD Virtual Visits
powered by Medpod

Telehealth with Medpod provides a browser-based platform for easy, virtual visits anytime, anywhere with encrypted video, configurable virtual waiting rooms, eligibility verification and more.

Henry Schein Secure Chart

Cut down on manual tasks while meeting regulatory measures with a patient portal that provides document sharing and publishing, online patient payments, and appointment requests.

Provide your OB/GYN practice with software to work smart and thrive today.

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