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Gastroenterology Electronic
Medical Record Software


Detailed problem lists

At a glance, see an overview of all the patient’s problems, with immediate access to specifics about conditions like GERD, diverticulosis, colonic polyps, internal hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, and other problems.

Surgical procedures

Review complete histories to learn about a patient’s past colonoscopy, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, colon biopsy, and other important surgeries and procedures.

Diagnostic test and imaging access

Quickly access comprehensive range of test results and diagnostic images, including upper and lower endoscopies, colonoscopies, esophageal motility studies, hepatic function panels, abdominal CT scans, and ultrasonograms.

Family and medical history intake

Take and manage personal information, noting family histories of polyps, colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, gall bladder disorders, and other conditions; document habits, such as smoking or drug use, that elevate risk.

Preventive health programs

Track results and manage programs focused on screening for diseases such as colon cancer or GERD, as well as lifestyle health programs for obesity and weight management.

Patient groups

Efficiently color-code certain charts to support enhanced reporting; generate, for example, a list of all patients with a certain type of colon polyps, with reflux, taking selected medications.

Standard-of-care rule builder

According to each physicians’ preference, set MicroMD EMR to issue reminders or alerts for tests, procedures, prescriptions, educational materials, or other measures based on diagnoses, symptoms, vital sign values, or demographics.

* Imaging features are intended for documentation and patient education purposes and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

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