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Pediatrics Electronic Medical Record Software

Automated reminders

Ensure timely immunizations by minimizing the chance of missed appointments.

Registry interfaces

Interface with state immunization registries to manage consistent, accurate reporting.

Electronic updates

Receive automatic template updates and maintain national standards for accurate, timely immunizations. Automatically link vaccine information sheets and update as needed.

Automated graphing and alerts

Instantly view pediatric growth charts for quick analysis and explanation to parents; set alerts triggered by early deviations in growth rates.

Easy data entry

Streamline the entire process behind Denver II development testing visits.

Diagnostic image integration

Keep mammography, ultrasound and other medical images available at the point of care.

Intuitive forms

Select the best data capture method for each pediatrician: free-text or handwriting-recognition into templates, point-and-click forms with helpful “wizards,” standard or custom SOAP templates, or speech recognition.

Preschool/camp forms

Save time with highly-accurate, automatic generation of forms required by schools, camps, sports organizations and others.

Hearing and vision screening

Quickly, efficiently record pediatric-specific hearing and vision screening results.

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