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EMR Software for Ear, Nose, and Throat

ENT EMR System

Specialty Content for Efficient Otolaryngology Documentation

ENT Physician examines woman's throat

How MicroMD Helps ENT Physicians

Standard & Customizable Templates

Templates available for forms/letters, utilize point and click, text, or Dragon for quicker documentation, and soon procedures, too.

Easily Template ENT Procedures

Otolaryngologists can easily template procedures and put them into a note with text template including pick lists or without them.

Clinical Dashboards

Comprehensive and customized views of ENT patients’ charts available in several sections throughout the EMR for easy access throughout the patient visit.

Efficient, Focused ENT EMR for Your Practice

Allergy Testing Module

For an otolaryngologist, it is important to be aware of allergies and what may be causing issues with the ear, nose, and throat that may require surgical intervention or a referral out to a board-certified allergist.

MicroMD EMR provides an area for allergy testing within the patient chart. There, the clinician can record the allergy test performed, the results of the test, and what method was used.

MicroMD Allergy testing module
ENT lab results

Image/ Photo Management and Annotation

MicroMD EMR allows you to upload images in common formats like *.bmp, *.gif, *.dxf, *.png, or *.jpg. There are several ways images can be uploaded into the system depending on the needs of your office.

When images are uploaded, you also have the ability to draw on them with the tools provided in the Document Manager. Users also have the ability to zoom in or crop images as they see fit. Tools within the Annotate and Font section allow users to create shapes, draw, or use text to type any necessary text on the image.

Hearing Screening & Examination

MicroMD EMR provides an area to record hearing examinations you perform on a patient to diagnose ear infections, hearing loss, balance disorders (vertigo), pain in your ear, or tinnitus. You can record a patient’s normal hearing range, as well as conducting bone conduction tests within the system. There is also space within the EMR to capture the patient’s speech recognition threshold.

Within the patient’s chart you can review the details of the exam, graph the details, and write a report about the exam in the list if you so choose. MicroMD makes it easy to add, edit, or delete hearing examinations as needed for your patient.

Doctor adjusts headset for patient's hearing exam

MicroMD EMR Provides These Efficient, Focused Otolaryngology Features…

  • Health management and prevention programs
    • Standard and customizable
  • Lab Company Interfaces
    • LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Solstas, and more..
  • Radiology PACs Interfaces
  • E-Prescribing for licensed providers
    • Additional EPCS access available through add on service

Add on Solutions for an Efficient ENT Practice

Virtual Waiting Room powered by Yosi Health

Create a safe and virtual waiting room for your patients and staff with Yosi Health – enable your patients to schedule, complete paperwork and make payments all through their own personal smart device today.

MicroMD Virtual Visits
powered by Medpod

Telehealth with Medpod provides a browser-based platform for easy, virtual visits anytime, anywhere with encrypted video, configurable virtual waiting rooms, eligibility verification and more.

MicroMD All Access Reports

Custom reporting through MicroMD is available – we can train your team to create their own custom reports, create reports by request, or provide the MicroMD All-access Reports Package based on your practice’s resources and needs.

Provide your ENT practice with software to work smart and thrive today.

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