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Ear Nose and Throat EMR Software

Software for the Treatment of the Head and Neck

Surgical procedures and diagnostic tests

Quickly record or review patient details about recent surgical procedures and diagnostic results such as nasal or sinus endoscopy, laryngoscopy, fine needle aspiration, audiograms, and vestibular testing.

Allergy testing and environmental history

Use MicroMD EMR to document skin test results and take environmental histories.

Diagnostic image management

View a wide range of images, including CT scans of the sinuses/mastoids and facial trauma; MRIs for head and neck tumors; thyroid ultrasound; capture pre- and post-op digital pictures directly in the patient record.

Standard-of-care rule builder

Customize the system to prompt the user based on diagnoses, symptoms or lab results.

* Imaging features are intended for documentation and patient education purposes and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

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