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EMR for Primary Care Physicians | MicroMD

Primary Care, Internal Medicine and Family Practice EMR Software

Prevention programs

Track results and manage screening and prevention programs; manage immunization programs; at a glance, monitor progress toward goals associated with virtually any diagnosis or risk factor.

Custom chart summary and clinical dashboard

Customize the chart summary to present your most relevant data elements, such as problem list, lab results, long-term medications, and many more; access the clinical dashboard for quick access to a comprehensive clinical profile and clinical graphs that track measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or weight over time.

Medication information

Quickly review patient charts to see prescriptions, long-term medications and other medications, accurately differentiating among acute care meds and chronic meds.


Quickly write and route prescriptions directly to pharmacies so that medications are ready when patients arrive; save hours of staff time by streamlining prescription and refill management.

Family history and family trees

Manage services to families with direct cross-links to the charts of family members; use the graphical family tree tool to get a broad family history or filter the view to see only conditions you deem most relevant.

Confidential information

Store any kind of personal, private or sensitive information as password-protected comments in the patient’s chart.

Referral management

Efficiently generate referrals and supply specialists with relevant medical information; easily track incoming and outgoing referrals; monitor the status of pending referrals.

Interfaces with lab services, hospitals and cardiopulmonary devices

Access in-house and reference lab results from within the electronic chart; manage all diagnostic test results and images for reference at the point of care or 24-7 remote access; capture vital signs and other data directly from a wide range of devices, including electrocardiographs, Holter systems and spirometers.

Patient education

Use diagrams, graphical views, and printed handouts to help patients better understand their health status and chart their progress.

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