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Specialty Content for a Patient-Centered Primary Care Practice

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How MicroMD Helps Primary Care Physicians

Customizable Provider-Specific Workflows

Offer efficient point and click templates or text templates that fully support voice recognition with Dragon Medical One.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinical decision tools, screening & prevention templates, and chronic care management features help improve patient outcomes.

Maximize Reimbursement

Natural language search, cross coding initiatives, time and MDM coding tools help providers document accurately for maximum reimbursements.

A Patient-Centered EMR Starts with Patient Specific Tools

Immunization & Vaccine Registry Interfaces

MicroMD makes accessing a patient’s immunization history easy outside of opening the patient’s chart. Through the Patient Care button, a care team member can easily record and review an immunization list. If needed, a clinician can also easily print the list of already administered immunizations from the displayed series (account roles do apply for access to this feature).

Our EMR system includes standard templates provided with the current CDC guidelines, and standard rule templates to ensure timely immunization reminders. Within MicroMD, you can view Immunizations Due from the Smart list menu for the Immunization Reference List to ensure your patient receives immunizations when needed. Automatic Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) links are provided with up-to-date VIS sheets from the CDC within the system.

Growth Charts with MicroMD

Growth charts enable a providers serving pediatric patients to track a child’s growth over time to ensure good health. MicroMD’s EMR provides the capability to track, either Infant or Child, height, weight, and more.

You can view a patient’s growth history up until the age of 21, if you have recorded growth history over time. By clicking the Growth button in MicroMD EMR, you can display graphs to then maximize, print, and export to an image. From there, these images are easily shared with a patient or a patient’s parents. These graphs are also easily adjustable by Infant, Child, or Down Syndrome to reflect a patient’s needs.

Health Screening Questionnaires

The Health Screening feature in MicroMD EMR enables your practice to create templates for any screening. This screening could contain a list of questions you ask a patient consistently when they come in for a visit, or a set of questions you ask patients with a certain disease/illness.

Primary Care providers may use a wide variety of questionnaires depending on the patient they are seeing for an exam. Health Screening templates allow your practice to standardize the screening process and MicroMD EMR comes with a few standard screenings already created for your organization. These can be customized to fit your practices needs and you may also decide, depending on your patient make up, to utilize CHADIS for access to more pre-built questionnaires.

Medication Dosage Calculator

The Dosage Manager within MicroMD EMR provides you with the ability to view recommended dosage for the medication you are looking to prescribe to your patient. From there, you can calculate based on the patient’s height and weight the recommended dose. The recommended dosage information provided comes directly from the national drug database.

The system provides recommended dosages for medications based on the planned use for the drug. Prescribing providers can set parameters in the Dosage Calculator section of their system (weight, daily dosage, frequency) and click Calculate to display the final calculation result. Providers can also easily convert milligrams to milliliters with MicroMD EMR, even though the default is mg.

MicroMD EMR Provides Patient-Centered Features for Your Primary Care Practice

Add on Solutions for a Patient-Centered Primary Care Practice


Easily send appointment reminders, birthday messages, and practice newsletters through call, text, or email to patients at your practice to reduce no shows and manual work done by your staff.

MicroMD Virtual Visits
powered by Medpod

Telehealth with Medpod provides a browser-based platform for easy, virtual visits anytime, anywhere with encrypted video, configurable virtual waiting rooms, eligibility verification and more.

Henry Schein Secure Chart

Cut down on manual tasks while meeting regulatory measures with a patient portal that provides document sharing and publishing, online patient payments, and appointment requests.

Provide your primary care practice with software to work smart and thrive today.

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