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Patient Engagement: Why Healthcare Providers Should Care

In our latest eBook, “Best Practices for Patient Engagement and Retention,” we focus on the new and ever expanding role that patients seek to take in their healthcare process.

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December 5, 2023 ︱ Accessible Mental Healthcare: How CHCs are Helping a National Crisis

Let’s explore the state of mental health in the U.S. and how CHCs are in a position to help. Read more →

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August 29, 2023 ︱ What to Look for in a Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

One way that providers can offer this more in-depth care is through remote patient monitoring (RPM). Let’s discuss what this program is and some...

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August 15, 2023 ︱ Think In-Home Care is a Thing of the Past? Think Again.

Let’s discuss in-home care, its benefits, and two of the tech tools that are making virtual in-home care a reality. Read more →

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July 18, 2023 ︱ Chronic Care Management: 4 Best Practices

Providing comprehensive patient care is the most important task a clinician faces. Patients with chronic conditions make it even more vital. Read more...

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July 5, 2023 ︱ 4 Ways to Use Wearable Devices to Provide Patient Care

These devices can also have application in the healthcare industry that will improve patient care. Keep reading to learn more. Read more →

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May 9, 2023 ︱ 5 Common Pitfalls Along the Patient Journey & How to Avoid Them

Consider every interaction with your organization affects patient engagement, your attention to the patient experience can have a positive impact on patient health.   Read More →

April 26, 2023 ︱ 5 Must Haves for Attracting Patients in the Age of Consumerism

Today’s patients take a much more consumer-driven approach, doing research on their own and choosing providers according to what they find. Read more...

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health equity

July 27, 2022 ︱ Barriers to Health Equity and How to Overcome Them

How can we work to overcome some of the barriers of health equity? Let’s explore some answers. Read more →

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woman walking away

July 13, 2022 ︱ Streamlining the Patient Journey: Post-Visit

There is still one more stage in the patient journey that is every bit as important as the other two. Let’s explore the post-visit...

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Doctor and young female patient

June 29, 2022 ︱ Streamlining the Patient Journey: Visit

The patient journey has become a hot topic as of late, practices everywhere are focusing on providing patients a satisfactory experience. Read more...

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online scheduling

June 15, 2022 ︱ Streamlining the Patient Journey

The patient journey is a frequent topic of conversation in healthcare today. How a patient feels about their journey with a practice will determine...

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Telemedicine and online healthcare services

March 23, 2022 ︱ 6 Benefits of Telehealth

Before the pandemic hit, telehealth was an up-and-coming. So just what have we discovered about the benefits of telehealth? Read more →

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friend visiting an elderly woman in a wheelchair in a luxury nursing home

February 16, 2022 ︱ What specialties do community health centers (CHCs) service?

Community health centers fulfill an important need in our society, providing access to a wide variety of care for communities. What are CHCs, and...

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close up hand hold mobile phone device

February 2, 2022 ︱ Engaging Patients in Digital Check-in

Using digital check-in is one amazing way to engage your patients in your practice, inspiring loyalty and increasing retainment. Read more →

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doctor and elderly patient smiling

January 18, 2022 ︱ Improving Patient Satisfaction with Patient Intake Solutions

Introducing a patient intake solution that can be completed prior to the patient’s arrival at the practice can increase patient satisfaction. Read more...

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Man purchasing out of pocket medical procedure

January 12, 2022 ︱ Healthcare Consumerism Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the increase in consumerism among patients. What exactly do we mean by consumerism,...

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Community Healthcare Center

January 5, 2022 ︱ Why choose a community healthcare center (CHC)?

Why should patients choose a community health center? And how does knowing this help practices to market themselves? Read more →

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Online Video Conference With Medical Doctor

December 8, 2021 ︱ Remote Second Opinions & Telehealth

When a patient receives a difficult diagnosis or is told they need a major procedure, it’s often in their best interest to seek a...

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Doctor checking blood sugar level with glucometer

November 10, 2021 ︱ Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care

We all want to see improved patient outcomes, and one very important way to achieve that goal is through the management of chronic illness....

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November 18, 2020 ︱ Strategies to Respond to Patients Faster

The best emails will never get read, unless they’re properly optimized... Read more →

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A patient utilizing telehealth with his provider from his desk - illustration

October 28, 2020 ︱ How to Market Telehealth to Your Patient Base

Some patients are reluctant to utilize telehealth services, but marketing the benefits to them can make a difference... Read more →

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Pateint engagement shown through a telehealth visit

February 5, 2020 ︱ What is Patient Engagement?

What is patient engagement? Let's talk tools, strategies, and definitions.  Read more →

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December 18, 2019 ︱ ICD-10 Holiday Blunders

What ICD-10 holiday blunders are you seeing your office this season? Here are some to watch out for... Read more →

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Patient payments represented with a patient holding money

November 6, 2019 ︱ Focusing on the Patient Experience when Collecting Payments

Patient portals offer a host of potential benefits to medical providers. Learn how to optimize your medical practice with MicroMD. Read more →

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A provider explaining a health plan to a patient to reflect the importance of educating patients.

October 9, 2019 ︱ The Importance of Patient Education

Compliance in care plans can be difficult to achieve, but patient education can help... Read more →

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Increasing patient satisfaction with a patient and provider handshake

May 29, 2019 ︱ Patient Satisfaction: How to Exceed Expectations

Patient satisfaction is CRUCIAL to the success of any practice. Does yours exceed expectations? Read more →

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Mental Health visit between provider and patient

May 8, 2019 ︱ Mental Health Access: 5 Hurdles Impacting Americans

What hurdles exists for mental health in America? Find out. Read more →

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a Doctor and patient interact together to demonstrate consumerism in healthcare

January 9, 2019 ︱ Consumerism & the Patient Experience

Consumerism in healthcare means a shift in the way patients and providers interact - what are your thoughts? Read more →

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PDMP helps to eliminate the possibility of doctor shopping

September 4, 2018 ︱ Benefits of Integrating with Your State’s PDMP

Integrating with your state's PDMP is crucial to minimize doctor shopping, and prescription drug misuse and abuse. Are you using this tool? Read...

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patient face time shown through a patient and physician interacting without distractions

August 29, 2018 ︱ Tips for Increasing Patient Face Time

Increasing patient facetime should be at the forefront of your office initiatives. Are you ready to refocus?  Read more →

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the patient centered co-design represented through a patient being put in the center of their care

August 23, 2018 ︱ The Patient Centered Co-Design

Have you implemented the Patient Centered Co-Design model at your practice? Read more →

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Inclusive healthcare means catering to individuals that have different needs

May 30, 2018 ︱ Inclusive Healthcare: Tips for Serving a Diverse Patient Base

Do you see a diverse patient base regularly? Make your practice more inclusive with these tips. Read more →

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Image depicts patient privacy with a computer screen and a shield protecting it.

March 21, 2018 ︱ Patient Privacy Concerns for EMR

Cybersecurity isn't just a concern for you and your practice operations, but your patients as well. Find out why... Read more →

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March 7, 2018 ︱ Reduce Patient No-Shows with These 5 Tips

Reducing no-shows to your medical practice doesn't have to be hard - take a look at our 5 easy tips! Read more →

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benefits of patient portal: an illustration of a patient portal feature a screen, a doctor, and a chart

December 8, 2017 ︱ Benefits of Patient Portal: What Makes It So Great for a Provider?

Patient portals offer a host of potential benefits to medical providers. Learn how to optimize your medical practice with MicroMD. Read more →

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patient engagement in the waiting room at a clinic

August 18, 2017 ︱ Your Biggest Practice Engagement Opportunity Can be Found in Your Waiting Room

10 Tips to effectively connecting with your patients before you even see them. Ever feel like you see a patient, and before you know it,...

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July 19, 2017 ︱ Patient Engagement: Why Healthcare Providers Should Care

Engaged patients are healthier patients. Learn how you can increase the level of patient engagement for your small medical practice. Read more →

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