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Nov 18

Strategies to Respond to Patients Faster

Patient communication is key – how quickly your practice responds is also important.

For any small business owner, whether you have just opened up your first practice, you’re looking to expand, or you’ve just acquired a practice from a retiring partner, the speed and organization of your communications can have a huge impact on your ability to attract and retain patients, and recall patients who haven’t visited in awhile.

A patient communications platform like Demandforce can help do the heavy lifting so your staff isn’t distracted by repetitive communications tasks that take time. You remain in control of your marketing, your patient databases, and your appointment book – Demandforce just helps you automate tasks so communications with patients and prospects is as fast as they expect it to be.

Two-Way Texting

Texting is now the most used form of communication for Americans aged 50 and under. One study found that all age groups wished businesses texted them more, including over 80% of those between the ages of 18-41. Our text messaging features give your customers what they want and speeds up the process of connecting with them.

You can text back and forth with customers from within the Demandforce portal, keeping all methods of communication in one place. The texts are prioritized so that the most urgent messages like those regarding rescheduling or cancellation are listed first and can’t be missed. There’s also an extensive library of suggested responses to answer the most commonly asked questions so you can reply back in seconds.

Email Marketing

While acquiring new patients is essential to business growth, your existing clients are the bread and butter of your business. It’s important to maintain a steady flow of current clients to your office without interrupting everyday responsibilities. Recall email reminders are an effective way to keep track of your clients and remind them to book an appointment if it’s been a while since their last one. Demandforce will automatically trigger an email to your client based on the settings that you choose, so there’s no delay caused by lack of time. With a call-to-action in the email to ‘Request an Appointment,’ your patient can click the link and cross that ‘to-do’ off of their list. The entire transaction from the email send to the patient’s response could take minutes, streamlining your practice’s response to an inactive patient.

Demandforce Live

Your staff is busy and they are often multi-tasking. With our upcoming feature Demandforce Live, important notifications like that text they were waiting for to fill that open appointment slot will automatically pop up on their desktop. Updates including a call from a patient, an upcoming appointment, and online leads are immediately brought to their attention. This is another example of our tool offering your practice fast communications solutions using automation – a strategy that will save your practice time and money.

About the author,
Melody Gandy-Bohr

Melody is a marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. She currently works for Demandforce as a Content Marketing Manager, creating engaging content collateral for several health marketing brands. Melody has extensive knowledge about the digital marketing tools that practitioners need to succeed in business, including email automation, online reputation management, patient communication tools.

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