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Feb 02

Engaging Patients in Digital Check-in

Today’s patients are busier than ever, and convenience is of prime importance to them. To this end, using digital check-in is one amazing way to engage your patients in your practice, inspiring loyalty and increasing retainment. Let’s explore this tech solution and how it can benefit your practice.

What is digital patient intake or registration?

The process of collecting patient demographics, clinical data, insurance, consent forms, payments, and other pertinent information from patients is known as patient intake. This process is critical to the success of a medical practice, as it provides the organization with all of the information needed to submit healthcare claims and receive reimbursement for services rendered. Traditionally, this process has been conducted manually with paper forms and transcription by office staff. Digital patient intake, however, allows this process to be completed more efficiently and conveniently by providing patients with the opportunity to complete the intake process digitally prior to their appointment, with the information being directly integrated into the medical practice’s software applications.

How can practices promote engagement through digital check-in?

Digital check-in satisfies patients’ desire for convenience and efficiency, making patients feel more engaged and invested with their provider. Additionally, digital check-in takes the pressure off of patients that many feel in traditional check-in scenarios. We’ve all been there, where you’re handed a form to fill out while sitting in the waiting room and you suddenly can’t remember any specifics regarding your medical history. This isn’t just frustrating for the patient, it can also potentially impact health outcomes as providers don’t get an accurate picture of the patient’s health history. By allowing patients to take more time to engage through the use of digital check-in, medical practices are giving providers the benefit of a more complete health picture as they pursue the patient’s care, leading to improved health outcomes and satisfied patients.

What are the benefits of digital check-in?

There are a number of benefits to having digital check-in in your practice. First, digital check-in supports healthy A/R cycles. When you get accurate patient information before the patient’s appointment, you’re able to verify coverage, help patients understand their financial responsibility, and submit clean claims that are unlikely to be returned unpaid. Second, using digital check-in makes it easier to access patient information and eliminates the delay associated with manual data entry. This means that providers can find what they need when they need it, and office staff can use the time they would need to put into data entry for more pressing tasks. Next, digital check-in reduces the risk of exposure to illness for both patients and staff, aiding in infection control. Sharing clip boards and pens, sitting in crowded waiting rooms, increased face time between patients and staff, all of these facets of the traditional check-in process increase the opportunity for the spread of illness. With digital check-in, these points of contact are eliminated, keeping your patients and staff safe. Finally, digital check-in increases patient satisfaction. Remember, patients want efficiency and convenience, and digital check-in certainly delivers in these areas. Satisfied patients are loyal patients, meaning that digital check-in aids in patient retention which, of course, provides enhanced financial stability for your practice.

In today’s convenience-seeking, consumer-driven healthcare industry, the best thing a practice can do is increase efficiency for their patients. Digital check-in is one incredibly effective way to achieve this goal. From engaging patients in their healthcare, to aiding in infection control, to improving your practice’s financial health, digital check-in can do a lot of good in your practice. Knowing the power this technology can have to improve your practice, MicroMD has partnered with Yosi Health to bring you their Virtual Waiting Room technology. Yosi Health is a pre-arrival focused patient scheduling, intake and payment solution that is available to integrate with MicroMD PM & EMR, eliminating wait times, improving the patient experience, and increasing financial results for clinical practices.

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