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Jan 18

Improving Patient Satisfaction with Patient Intake Solutions

The traditional patient intake process can be time-consuming, frustrating, germy, and an all-around headache for patients and staff alike. Introducing a patient intake solution that can be completed prior to the patient’s arrival at the practice can increase patient satisfaction. Read on to learn more.

What is digital patient intake?

Patient intake is the process by which a practice obtains key information about their patients, including demographics, insurance information, consent forms, and payments. Traditionally, this process has been conducted manually, with the use of paper forms. Patients are required to fill out a number of forms upon their arrival at the office, and from there the practice’s administrative staff transcribes the information into the EHR. Digital patient intake technology changes the game for this important process, allowing patients to complete their registration forms ahead of time through a digital form that is integrated with the practice’s EHR, allowing the information to be transmitted directly to the patient’s record with no action necessary on the part of the practice’s administrative staff.

How does this improve the patient experience and satisfaction?

Using digital patient intake solutions is one way to leverage technology to increase your patients’ satisfaction. This is because with digital intake solutions, you will offer:

  • Faster patient intake: The traditional patient intake process has long been an annoyance for patients. This time consuming task only serves to add to a patient’s time spent in the waiting room, but with digital patient intake, having that information ahead of time allows for a more efficient process of checking patients in and getting them seen.
  • Better data and fewer errors: When patients have to detail their full medical history on the spot in the waiting room, they’re bound to misremember some things. Add to this the possibility for human error in transcribing, and the traditional patient intake process is rife with opportunities for errors. Digital patient intake allows patients the time to be sure the information they are providing is accurate and then transfers that information directly into the EHR without an opportunity for human error, allowing providers accurate information as they provide care and insuring that patients see better outcomes.
  • Improved communication: Digital intake solutions can do more than just allow for more efficient patient registration. These solutions can open the door for more efficient communication with patients overall, including increased transparency and the opportunity for online patient feedback forms.

Indeed, digital patient intake streamlines a previously cumbersome process, increasing patient’s satisfaction with their chosen medical practice.

Today’s patients are consumers and convenience is of prime importance to them. Anytime you have the opportunity to streamline a process in your practice and make your patients’ lives easier, that will be a step in the right direction to increasing patient satisfaction. One easy change to implement is to invest in a digital patient intake solution. This is why MicroMD is offering Virtual Waiting Room powered by Yosi Health. Leveraging contemporary consumer smartphone behavior, Yosi Health is a pre-arrival focused, patient scheduling, intake and payment solution that is available integrated with our MicroMD PM & EMR, eliminating wait times, improving patient experience, and increasing financial results for clinical practices.

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