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Medical Systems Management

MicroMD® products from Henry Schein Medical Systems, including medical practice management, EMR and document management solutions, are designed to increase productivity, improve practice efficiency and enhance patient care while streamlining costs to increase revenues.

MicroMD medical systems management software solutions help physicians:

  • Improve patient scheduling
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Avoid and eliminate costly medical errors
  • Collect reimbursements sooner
  • Improve patient medical care

MicroMD software products are currently utilized by over 13,500 physicians, offering health care centers of all sizes complete medical systems management software solutions.

Medical Systems Management for Small Practices

Choosing an affordable and easy-to-use medical systems management software means small and medium-sized medical practices and specialties can now enjoy the same advantages utilized by larger medical service operations.

Medical Systems Management for Larger Practices

MicroMD medical templates can be easily customized to accommodate virtually any specialty, hospital-based practices, MSO’s and physician-hospital organizations.

The medical systems management software allows integration and interoperability with many third-party systems and features powerful reporting tools. It is also scalable and designed to grow with your practice, easily supporting multiple locations and providers.

Medical Systems Management for Community Health Centers

Specialized medical systems management software with MicroMD provides a unique combination of services, including advanced billing options and sliding fee schedules, designed to meet the unique challenges and requirements of CHCs and FQHCs.

Medical Systems Management for Billing Services

MicroMD medical systems management software features advanced, high-performance technology that can support a diverse range of client requirements, allowing medical billing firms the opportunity to reach new markets.

MicroMD Medical Systems Management Software Solutions

With over 25 years of innovation, MicroMD offers mature and stable medical systems management software solutions that consistently rank at or near the top in user satisfaction. Our suite of medical systems management software includes:

Medical Practice Management Software – MicroMD PM

Full-featured practice management software with advanced features including:

Mobile Solutions
Community Health
Claims Management
Advanced Security
AR & Collections
System Integration & Interoperability

Electronic Medical Records Software – MicroMD EMR

Exceptional, flexible EMR software that integrates well with practice management systems and features:

E&M Coding
Clinical Dashboard
Electronic Prescribing
Physician Ordering
Device Connectivity
Clinical Documentation
Health Maintenance, Alerts & Reminders
Imaging Management & Annotation
Specialty Driven Templates
Outcomes Reporting
Systems Integration and Interoperability

Document Management Software – MicroMD DMS

Patient Account Charts
Document Annotation
Office File Cabinets
Customized Templates
Usability Features

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Visit our MicroMD Solutions page for more information on all MicroMD products includingMicroMD PM- Medical Practice Management, MicroMD EMR – Electronic Medical Records software, and Document Management.

To inquire about MicroMD software solutions by Henry Schein, North America’s largest distributor of healthcare products and healthcare services to office-based practitioners, please call Toll Free at 1-800-624-8832.

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