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Simple yet powerful solutions for Health Centers: CHCs, FQHCs and RHCs

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MicroMD® PM

From providing sliding fee schedules to dental billing and powerful UDS reporting for grant compliance, simple yet powerful MicroMD PM software delivers specialized features to help your health center focus more on the well-being of patients and less on administration. MicroMD PM provides a user-friendly approach to several common state and federal documentation procedures and includes benefits, such as the calculation of multiple sliding fee schedules, accurate UDS reports, staffing and utilization profiles, ADA dental, UB-04 and CMS 1500, clinic visit records, detailed patient information and clinical tracking profiles.

Scheduling: Manage appointments with ease and precision

  • Intelligent waiting lists and alerts
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Reporting based on patient check-in/check-out and more

Registration: Capture and manage patient data efficiently

  • Powerful task management, messaging and patient accounting tools
  • Automatic recall
  • Referral tracking
  • Temporary registration for new patients
  • Contact manager
  • OCR scanning of identification and insurance cards

Medical Billing: Simplify billing and accelerate payment

  • Enhanced charge slip tracking and charge posting
  • EDI rules manager
  • Code scrubbing
  • EMR integration for fully-automated charge capture
  • Quick, accurate payment posting options
  • Easy statement generation
  • 5010 file formats

Claims Management: Leverage intelligent, integrated clearinghouse solutions

  • Convenient patient eligibility verification
  • Continuous, automated claims tracking
  • Real-time claim status inquiry
  • Electronic remittance advice
  • Insurance payment profile and fee update
  • Preferred Clearinghouse Partners (ECP, Gateway EDI, RealMed and Practice Insight) each with unique features, tools and purchase packages that priced 15-25% below offered by contacting the clearinghouses directly

Reporting: Gain operational and financial insight; meet funding report requirements

  • UDS reporting
  • Dynamic management, financial and administrative reports
  • Hundreds of standard reports
  • Custom reporting addon: AnyReports

Medical/dental system integration: With Dentrix and other systems

  • MicroMD PM access to dental patient encounter data
  • Streamlined medical + dental UDS reporting
  • Single source for billing, collections and financial activities

MicroMD® EMR

Health centers rely on MicroMD EMR to create a paperless environment, improve workflow, enhance care delivery and boost productivity. Immediate, shared access to patient data minimizes paperwork and maximizes productivity. MicroMD EMR integrates with your practice management system to expedite care, enhance accuracy and improve reimbursement. Available as either clientserver or web-based ASP software, MicroMD EMR is a scalable and flexible solution that allows you to improve efficiency, maximize growth and meet changing regulatory requirements.

Clinical Documentation: Choose the method that works for you

  • Multiple charting options, including templates, forms, Dragon® Medical speech recognition and handwriting recognition
  • Fast access to patient histories

E&M Coding

Comprehensive, accurate E&M calculator

Health Maintenance, Alerts and Reminders: Promote healthy outcomes

  • Drug interactions, allergies, immunizations and more
  • Patient education and patient goal monitoring

e-Prescribing: Improve medication safety, enhance workflow and save time

  • Two-way pharmacy communications
  • Enhanced medication reconciliation
  • Accommodates 5010 coding and claim checking, as well as verification of patient-paid prescriptions

Patient Portal: Flexible, two-way patient-to-practice communications help staff save time

  • Health center landing page
  • Secure login/Patient home page/Patient inbox
  • Customized forms module
  • Upload of CCD/CCR to share patient health records

Meaningful Use Functionality: Helping your providers earn reimbursement dollars

  • HITECH objective and menu set measure calculations and reporting
  • Clinical Quality Measure calculations and reporting

Electronic Signature Capture: At the point of care for all types of patient communication