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Integration & Interoperability

Integration & Interoperability

Empower your practice with an EMR solution that meets interoperability standards.

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Integration & Interoperability with MicroMD

MicroMD PM and EHR/EMR systems interface with a range of third-party services. Our system integrations expand our usefulness and make MicroMD an invaluable asset to your office technologies.

As part of Henry Schein Medical Systems’ open-architecture philosophy, MicroMD PM and EMR supports the HL7 standard; Internet protocols; the XML specification, a published application programming interface for Windows®; and other techniques.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability is the ability of computer systems to communicate with one another, exchange information, and utilize the information that is being exchanged. Interoperability in healthcare is important for three main reasons.

First, being that it places patients at the center of their care. With interoperability, PHI is transferred seamlessly and securely throughout a variety of sources.

Second, individuals have access to all of their health information from numerous health systems in one place.

Third, public health agencies and medical researchers are able to access data in order to be able to quickly learn, create, and implement cutting edge treatments to improve health outcomes overall.

Practice Management Integrations

Lab & Hospital Connectivity

MicroMD PM interfaces with the leading providers of laboratory services such as: Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, Epic Systems, and CPL. Simple demographic exports, test results viewing and other features are integrated within MicroMD PM.


Henry Schein MicroMD works closely with our Preferred Clearinghouse Partners to plan discounted pricing and integrate product development and client support to ensure a productive and reliable EDI solution for your practice. No matter what your practice size, our preferred partners offer the functionality and support to help you maximize the efficiency of your billing and accounts receivable. Learn more >

Data Conversions

MicroMD is able to extract, provide, or review data conversion opportunities from a third party system for clients merging to MicroMD systems.

Expand Your Practice Management Options

The MicroMD PM database is ODBC-compliant, and applications such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and other third-party tools can easily interface to the database for custom queries and reporting. The data within the application can also be exported to spreadsheets, databases, HTML, CSV and a range of additional formats.

EMR Systems

Through an HL7 interface, MicroMD interfaces with a variety of third party EMR vendors to ensure you integration to MicroMD PM is not disruptive to your workflow.

MicroMD PM provides demographic, patient insurance scheduling data and referrals to MicroMD EMR, and accepts charges and appointment requests from MicroMD EMR.

Document Management Systems

MicroMD PM unifies with MicroMD DMS, our document management system, to provide electronic document filing, annotation, customized templates, configurable document display settings and more.

Collection Agencies

With MicroMD PM, you have the ability to export account and financial information for processing by several collection agencies. Practices can do this through their own dedicated in-house biller or through MicroMD solutions vendor, Transworld.

Electronic Medical Records Integrations

Lab & Hospital Connectivity

MicroMD EMR can send electronic lab orders and receive the electronic results, alerting the provider of the available information for review. MicroMD EMR interfaces with the leading providers of laboratory services such as: Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, Epic Systems, and CPL.

Medical Device Connectivity

MicroMD EMR is a robust system that connects with numerous medical devices. A number of products fully integrate with MicroMD EMR such as digital cardiopulmonary and vital signs monitoring devices.

Data Conversions

MicroMD is able to extract, provide, or review data conversion opportunities from a third party system for clients merging to MicroMD systems.

Practice Management Systems

MicroMD EMR will import demographic data including patient and insurance information, as well as appointments and referrals. Once the patient is entered into MicroMD PM, all the relevant data will be immediately available in the EMR. Following an encounter with the patient, MicroMD EMR will send the billing information back to MicroMD PM for processing.


MicroMD EMR utilizes HCPCS, an extension of CPT codes for all the billing codes not covered by CPT. This includes items such as ambulance services and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) when used outside a physician’s office.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

First DataBank (FDB)

MicroMD EMR utilizes drug databases from FDB for prescription writing, even when the physician writes prescription during the encounter. MicroMD EMR also checks conflicts and interactions, including: drug-to-allergy, drug-to-drug, drug-to-pregnancy, drug-to-pediatric, drug-to-geriatric, drug-to-lactation, drug-to-disease, drug-to-side effect and drug-to-duplicate therapy.

Remote Scanning

MicroMD EMR uses virtual channels as a bi-directional, error-free connection for exchange of image files between a Microsoft Server and a Windows Remote Client.

SNOMED CT® (Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine-clinical terms)

MicroMD EMR utilizes SNOMED for diagnosis, symptoms and signs in the SOAP encounter notes, which include review of symptoms, subjective, objective and assessment information.

Microsoft Office

MicroMD EMR can import Microsoft Word documents into the text encounter. The system also has the ability to report, print and export documents in many formats, such as DOC, XLS, PDF, WordPad, etc.



Explore the Solutions Central marketplace and connect with partners that offer integrated and standalone solutions that complement and add value to your MicroMD software and help your practice achieve success.


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