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MicroMD EMR Integrated Solution:

Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal


Get Back to the Business of Healing.

Medical professionals interact with their patients hundreds of times a day, whether answering questions, collecting information, or sending information. These interactions can be time consuming and costly for your practice.

The Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal provides patients and office staff a website containing a number of easy-to-use features that will save time for both patients and office staff, streamlining your communication process.

Ready to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction?

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A customizable practice landing page to welcome your patients and give them an “at a glance” look at your practice information.


Bi-lingual (Spanish – English) e-mail confirmations to serve all of your customers.


Collect patient data online prior to time of service to streamline practice check-in. Answer patient questions quickly and easily.

How does Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal get you back to the business of healing?

With these outstanding features …

Patient messaging – A more efficient way to communicate

Stay in contact with your patients, no matter which side initiates the message
Receive notification in the EMR when new messages are received so that you can respond promptly – directly within the EMR
Example view of the patient portal with Henry Schein Secure ChartClick the image to enlarge

CCR & CCD viewing – Keep patients up to date on their health status

Providers can upload patient medical records in CCR and CCD format to allow patients to view their records anytime they like
Meet quality measures for government regulations each time you upload a medical record
example of patient portal view with Henry Schein Secure Chart Patient Portal

Document publishing – Share information seamlessly, right from your EMR

See real-time notification in the EMR when a document is ready to be published
Edit documents as needed prior to publishing

Patient forms – Streamline check in procedures by having patients fill out forms before they arrive

Discrete form data is imported directly from portal to EMR
Save you and your patients time, making both very happy
Example view of the patient portal with Henry Schein Secure Chart

Pay from the portal – When payments are efficient, they’re made faster

If your practice has ePayments, your payment link can be added directly to your portal
Give patients one less excuse to put off paying

Appointment scheduling – Provide another way for patients to get scheduled

Patients can request appointments directly through the portal without having to tie up the practice phone.
Optionally, you can allow patients to schedule their own appointments in the portal with the times importing directly to MicroMD PM.