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Good Patient Scheduling Can Optimize Your Medical Practice Revenue Stream

dashboardMD Solution Spotlight: Scheduling Analytics

A critical financial factor that many medical practices overlook is how patient scheduling affects their bottom line. Having the information you need to analyze and understand your appointment scheduling — especially how to deal with no-shows — can lead to an improved revenue stream for your practice.

Sign up today for a complimentary live webinar to help you understand your wait times, the reasons for your no-shows and striking the right balance of over booking to compensate for losses, can lead to a better financial picture for your medical practice.

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Recorded Webinars

Chronic Care Management: Improving Patient Experience by Increasing Patient Care - 27 mins

Katie Barnett, Product Manager at Vivify Health, Inc.
  • Learn about what is Chronic Care Management?
  • How does CCM benefit patients?
  • How does CCM benefit providers?
  • How can Vivify Health, Inc. help your practice achieve CCM success?
  • How can you get involved?
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The Effect of Patient Wait Time on Patient Experience - 39 mins

Ken Greenberg, Founder of Patient Innovations, LLC and Creator of OnTime Care
  • Learn about the correlation between patient wait times and patient satisfaction
  • How you can see more patients and spend more time with them without overbooking
  • How demonstrating that you value your patients’ time helps improve revenue
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No Germs Allowed: Hand Hygiene in the Outpatient Setting - 29 mins

Gazelle Rastegar, VP of Business Development at Hyginex

During this webinar, Ms. Rastegar will touch on the following important information:

  • The importance of hand hygiene in preventing the transmission of infection
  • Evidence for hand hygiene initiatives
  • Ways to improve hand hygiene compliance by healthcare workers
  • Challenges associated with hand hygiene initiatives
  • How you can get involved

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How to Start Your Own Urgent Care Business - 60 mins

Lawrence Earl, MD

Learn about the pitfalls of startup urgent care centers, location choice and size, wise marketing, how to staff your center and how to pick the right EMR for your center.

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