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New Year’s Resolution = Smarter Solutions

New Year’s Resolution = Smarter Solutions

Join Lori Ryan, Director of Sales and Marketing as she leads a panel of industry leaders that explore the strategies and solutions designed to help your practice work smarter in 2022 and position your practice for the future.

Who should attend?

Practice owners, office managers, providers, and any users of MicroMD software solutions

You’ll learn

From our Virtual Health Solutions panelist, Lane Elliott:

  • How far telehealth has come since 2020 and what is on the horizon
  • How tele-diagnostics is revolutionizing telehealth
  • Why it’s important for every practice to have a telehealth strategy
  • The key missing component in yesterday’s virtual visits and how custom telehealth workflows are changing the game in 2022

From our Nuance panelist, Jeremy Vicedomini:

  • About strategic changes in the use of voice recognition technology
  • About natural language processing & automation
  • Why the new coding initiatives introduced in 2021 encourage narrative language documentation

From our MicroMD panelist, Lori Ryan:

  • Why meeting the basic e-prescribing mandate can be costing your practice
  • What to look for in your e-prescribing only solution