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Data Security

Healthcare Data is Under Attack

Your firewalls help your practice to build a fortress around your patient’s health information… but cyber criminals are experts at spotting your vulnerabilities and breaking through.

When it comes to healthcare, your practice is full of experts on how to heal, treat, and care for patients. This doesn’t always mean you know how to maintain your practice’s information and protect against a breach. Are you concerned about…

Data Breaches

System Downtime

Data Loss

Software Expenses

Data security needs to be top of mind at your practice. Are you putting it front and center?

Defining Data Security in Healthcare/Data Breach Facts & Figures

Data security is defined as protecting digital information from unauthorized individuals or sources that may seek to utilize it for nefarious actions (i.e. cyberattacks, data breaches).

According to HealthIT Security, data breaches will cost those in healthcare 6.5M by the end of 2019. This stifling number trickles down to about $429 per patient record. To put this number into perspective against other fields experiencing breaches, the healthcare sphere spends upwards of 60% more than all other sectors.

As you can see, breaches have steadily increased every year and with that so have the costs for practices, like yours, experiencing breaches.

Data Security/Breach in Perspective

Are you struggling to dedicate time and resources to data security initiatives?

Does it seem daunting, time extensive, or downright unnecessary in the grand scheme of things?

Many small, independent practices believe that their practice will not become the target of a cybercriminal due to the minimal amount of information their database possesses. This could not be anything further from the truth. Healthcare data is rich in personal identifiers that cybercriminals look for, and they know that practices will shell out money to retrieve those records once a ransom is requested.

To put this into perspective…

Urology Practice in the Midwest

Discovering Data Security Tools

Securing Your Data against Threats

What if you could secure your data against hackers, and in turn save your practice hundreds of thousands of dollars? It sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it? This constant threat paired with the increasing use of electronic tools in healthcare puts data security at the forefront of importance for your practice. With HIPAA compliant software, safeguards, best practices and a team to support you through the process, there is no reason to be in constant fear of a breach.

Here are some ways you can secure your practice today…

Encrypt your data
Backup your information
Switch to a cloud based solution
Install/update anti-malware software on practice computers

Diving Into Secure Data with MicroMD Cloud

Cost-effective & Hassle-free Cloud Solution for Your Practice

At Henry Schein MicroMD, we have the solutions to help your practice safeguard against nefarious hackers. Our MicroMD Cloud based software provides one live environment and two data backups for your data storage to ensure that your information is protected. Your practice’s information automatically and securely backups to protect sensitive patient information daily. All of this means less manual storage, backup, and worry for you while you can rest assured that your data is safe.

  • Reduce spending costs on IT
  • Access your cloud information anytime, anywhere
  • Experience less IT growing pains

For more information on how MicroMD cloud solutions can protect your information from cyber-attacks, visit us here.


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