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Dec 14

PM & EMR Tips and Tricks

Q4 2023: MicroMD PM & EMR Tips and Tricks

There are a variety of interesting tricks when using any software program, and MicroMD is no exception. Some of the following useful tips could help save you time and improve your financial bottom line. Let’s learn more.

Additional Fields Now Available on the Exported Patient Report

Did you know that there are now additional fields available when exporting the Patient Report?

In your MicroMD PM software simply navigate to Reports > Reference Code Listing > Patient Report.

The new fields include the following, and will only show on the exported report:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Cell phone
  • Alternate phone
  • Email address

Please note, these fields will not be shown on the reporting within the system.

Exporting Patient Report

To export the report, once you see the report on the screen, go to File >Save Rows As

A box will come up to put the file location, file name, and extension in.

When you go to the file location and open the excel document, you will see the new fields.

NEW Document Management System Preference

Did you know that there is now a new preference to set the original file name when printing and saving an Encounter Report to DMS.

This can be set in MicroMD EMR by going to Tools > User Preferences >DMS Category; at the bottom of this window you can select your choices. We generally recommend Service Date + Encounter Provider.

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