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Jul 21

A Look at What’s to Come

On Our MicroMD Roadmap…

Here at MicroMD, we always strive to look toward the future to work to provide you with the best of what we have to offer. To that end, we have a few exciting items coming up on our roadmap that you should be aware of. We are looking at new ways to address PQRS submission methods and the flexibility that can give our practices. We are also doing some exciting work to jump into innovation with a new advisory board and a set of webinars in our new Healthcare Happenings Into the Future: Innovation Webinar Series.

Currently on our radar is the ability to offer three different options for PQRS reporting in order to allow our practices to choose which option will work best for them. The first option will involve customizing our QRDA file for the PQRS incentive program and allowing practices to choose from our current clinical quality measures to produce a file that can be uploaded to the appropriate website. This option is in the works and will be available in the near future, with further communications to follow.

The next option is currently available and uses claims data through our Practice Insight clearinghouse to attest for PQRS. This option utilizes the claims data you have already submitted for payment to complete your attestation. In order to take advantage of this option for PQRS reporting, you need to use Practice Insight as your clearinghouse for claims submission.

The final option will involve capturing data in both the PM and EMR products and displaying the information in a structured reporting format that the practice can use to submit to a PQRS registry. This option is also currently in the planning and development stages and will be available in the near future, with further communications to follow.

We are working to form a new advisory board, iPAC (Innovative Products Advisory Council), which will be made up of MicroMD clients who will take an active role in influencing the types of innovative products that will ultimately be introduced as new MicroMD eSERVICES, while also helping us to prioritize the services that we are developing. iPAC members will have early access to new technologies that are under review for incorporation into the software by participating in several Proof of Concepts to provide feedback on new technology ideas.

In addition to forming iPAC, we are also adding a new series of webinars, Healthcare Happenings Into the Future: Innovation Series, which will educate our clients about the new technologies we are considering adding to the MicroMD fold while providing the opportunity to participate in Proof of Concepts for these technologies. The focus of this series is to highlight the innovation efforts taking place at MicroMD as well as how our clients can engage along with us in this initiative.

We are very excited about the future of MicroMD and the success and efficiency our new efforts can help bring to your practice. We hope you will partner with us in taking MicroMD to the next level and into the future.

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