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Mar 17

Prescribers Are Saving Patients Thousands of Dollars on Drugs with Price Transparency at the Point of Care

Finding the Opportunities in Real-Time Prescription Benefits

When prescribers don’t have insight into accurate, patient-specific cost and coverage information, patients are often hit with unexpected costs at the pharmacy counter. Even a small difference in price can cause them to skip doses, avoid refills, or simply abandon their prescription. For instance, we know that a copay increase of as little as $10 can determine whether a patient adheres to treatment or not. At best, they’re frustrated at the process. At worst, their treatment may be delayed or they may skip it altogether, leading to costly readmissions.

New data shows Real-Time Prescription Benefit is making a difference and prescribers are embracing this highly desired technology at an incredible rate. In one instance, one prescriber saved their patient $8,032 out of pocket on a single prescription. In addition to these impressive out-of-pocket costs, prescribers are also saving massive amounts of time because they are able to choose a drug that doesn’t require a prior authorization.

Prescription price transparency is here and made an impact on the lives of clinicians and their patients in 2018. Download and read the 2018 Impact Report for more truly amazing results from Real-Time Prescription Benefit. The report showcases the significant amount of money prescribers are saving patients simply because they are able to see therapeutic alternatives that cost less than the drug they would have normally prescribed.

Download the report to learn:

  • How Real-Time Prescription Benefit works in the current e-prescribing workflow
  • The impact on medication adherence, time saved and cost reduction
  • The average savings per prescription by prescriber specialty and therapeutic class
  • The top two drug classes where patients are saving the most money

Piqued your interest?

Real-Time Prescription Benefit is coming soon in Version 16. During the MicroMD 2019 User Conference, be sure to visit the Surescripts table and attend the education session, titled From Hot-Topic to Healthcare Reality to learn more. Until then, visit our website to for more information about Real-Time Prescription Benefit and Electronic Prior Authorization.

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