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Dec 14

Prior Authorization Reminder Service Beta Program

Did you know MicroMD EMR and ePrescribing users have access to a new beta function of Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) with a reminder service using Surescripts Clinical Direct Messaging? This new beta functionally began on November 27 and has been automatically enabled for MicroMD users at no additional cost.

The integration of a reminder service could indeed be beneficial in improving ePA completion rates, ultimately leading to more positive outcomes for patients.

Low completion rates for electronic prior authorizations can be a significant challenge in healthcare, causing delays in patient care and administrative burdens. The introduction of tools and features aimed at addressing this issue, such as a reminder system, can help streamline the process and increase efficiency.

By actively working on solutions to create a smoother experience and offering a reminder system, Surescripts is contributing to the efforts to enhance the overall healthcare ecosystem. This collaboration with MicroMD EMR is likely to be well-received by healthcare professionals and organizations looking for ways to improve workflow and patient outcomes.

 How does the functionality work?

Each weekday at 8am ET, Surescripts will check for question sets that are older than 24 hours. If a Direct Address is found for the associated provider and they have direct messaging active, a reminder message will be sent to that address asking the provider to complete the prior authorization question set for their patient.

A maximum of 5 reminders will be sent per provider each day. If the prescriber has 10 outstanding open PAInitiationResponses, the service will send a different reminder for each of the 5 oldest responses received within the last 14 days.

A direct message will continue to be sent for a given response until one of the following occurs:

  1. PARequestis sent.
  2. PACancelRequestis sent.
  3. The question set expiration date is reached.
  4. 14 days have passed since the question set was received.

Your Feedback

During this beta period, if you would like to provide any feedback to our Product Management team regarding our ePA workflow or ePA in general they are happy to discuss your thoughts.

Please send your feedback by email to

It’s encouraging to see the healthcare industry adopting technologies and solutions to overcome challenges and deliver better care to patients.

Thank you for being a MicroMD client and we look forward to your participation in this program.

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