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Aug 01

Finding Value in Speech Recognition Software

Did you know that 62% of providers use speech recognition software?

Doctors are busy with government regulations placing greater demands on their time. Providers face difficulty focusing on why they got into medicine in the first place – healing. Documentation can be particularly time consuming for doctors. The most frustrating thing about it is that this task takes place while your patient is in front of you. Thus, requiring you to split your focus between the patient and documentation. There has to be a better way, and with speech recognition software, there is. Programs, such as Dragon Medical, allow physicians to complete their documentation using a tool that everyone uses daily, their voice. Let’s take a look at the benefits of utilizing this software to determine why doctors should implement it and the benefits of doing so.

Elevates overall efficiency

Traditionally, providers have recorded their thoughts following a patient encounter orally. Then providers sent those recordings to a medical transcriber who would complete their documentation. This can be a time-consuming process, delaying follow ups and visits with specialists as the provider waits for the patient’s record to be completed. With voice recognition software, providers can continue speaking their impressions as always, while also directing their existing medical software to create the documentation for them. This allows providers to create their reports in real-time, eliminating the delay that comes with waiting for transcription. As this type of software becomes more and more advanced it not only creates a more efficient process, but also eliminates errors. Additionally, many doctors find that with voice software they see 1/3 more patients than before implementation.

Reduces costs

Over time, transcription costs more than the use of speech recognition software. This is due to transcription being a continual cost over time, meaning providers always have to pay for it as long as they’re using it. Meanwhile, the use of voice recognition software involves a one-time investment that continues to provide value over time. Speech recognition software results in significant cost-savings in the long run.

Removes hassle

Often people are concerned that technology will make their work more complicated. However, with medical speech recognition software this is not the case. This software is incredibly simple to use. Additionally, using this software allows the provider to spend more time with the patient’s record, allowing for a greater understanding of their patient’s condition and needs. Not to mention, because of the existence of cloud software, providers complete their documentation whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

Reduces medical errors

Anyone who has played the childhood game of telephone knows that as more people become involved in compiling a message, the more distorted the message gets. The same can, unfortunately, be true of medical documentation. If the transcriber hears the doctor’s recording incorrectly, the patient’s medical record is instantly incorrect. This can cause costly medical errors. Medical speech recognition software features such a large pool of medical vocabularies that the chances for error in speech recognition are incredibly small. This reduces errors which is better for the provider, certainly better for the patient, and also better for the practice’s budget.

It seems intimidating to take on new technology. In the case of medical voice recognition software, you need to make this investment. This software can help you move towards full optimization of your EHR. There’s no need to take the time to click and type in your software. Likewise, you certainly don’t need to continue paying for transcription services any longer. By investing in medical speech recognition software you will elevate the quality and efficiency of your clinical documentation and in so doing, improve patient outcomes.

Are you ready to get started with medical speech recognition software? MicroMD offers Dragon Medical One as one of our available marketplace solutions. This technology will improve your care efficiency, reduce the cost of documentation, improve your documentation, and allows you to spend more time with your patients. Ready to learn more? Visit or call 1-800-624-8832 to get started.

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