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Jan 08

How to Choose a Healthcare Provider (A Patient View)

43% of Consumers State They Would Likely Switch Doctors Over Negative Online Ratings

Consumers choose products and services that are going to bring them the most satisfaction for their money. When it comes to healthcare, this is treated no differently. Patients want physicians who provide quality care, within their insurance coverage network, who are also close to home. However, this is not an exhaustive lists and other factors play into choosing a care provider.

When it comes time to choose a new physician to handle your healthcare needs, how do consumers choose?

Let’s dive in.

Insurance Coverage

It should come as no surprise that consumers are price sensitive. With patients now being the third largest payer in the healthcare sphere, they want their provider to be in network to save their wallets a bit of pain. According to Healthcare Success, 72% of consumers have stated that they choose a new provider based on network coverage. If your practice currently hosts a website, be sure to list what insurance you currently accept. This list should be kept up-to-date and list any other pertinent insurance information that a patient should know when they’re looking for a provider. (If you would want to know it from your physician, you should add it to your website.)

Practice Perception

Have you ever stopped to think about how the general public perceives your practice? The overall impression that your practice leaves in the mind of the community you serve is vastly important. A positive brand perception can lead to exponentially more foot traffic and higher retention rate for your patients.

Brand awareness falls right in line with the public having a positive perception of your practice. If individuals don’t know that you are a top-rated provider, or don’t even know that your practice exists, it is likely you aren’t going to be a provider they consider. To begin raising brand awareness, your practice needs to begin marketing to the local community, online, and through the way you treat patients. Consider building an online presence through social media, a practice website, and by ensuring your information is displayed correctly through Google. The more people who access information about your practice, the more potential patients your practice will see.

Access & Convenience

When you think about how large your community is, do you believe that you serve a majority of the patients? If not, have you wondered why that is? It could be that your area has a multitude of other doctors in your field, or it could be because patients find your practice inconvenient to work with. This could be for the following reasons…

  • Are your office hours convenient?
  • When patients call, are they able to reach someone?
  • If they aren’t able to speak with someone, how long does it take to receive a call back?
  • Is the location easily accessible?
  • Are there flexible payment options?

If a potential patient cannot get a hold of anyone at your practice or cannot find your location, they will likely pass up the opportunity to see you as a provider. Improving these types of services will not only help you attract new patients but help you retain you current base.

Customer Experience

Many individuals hear about a new practice or provider through another individual in their life that they trust. If your practice is providing quality services with positive individuals, it is likely that these patients will recommend your practice to others. If your practice is not meeting these standards, it will more than likely not be passed along through word of mouth marketing.

It is often stressful for patients to go to the doctor’s office. This is why it is crucial to have staff who are trained to handle situations where emotions may be running high. Patients are more likely to choose a provider or office where they feel comfortable, secure, and like their needs will be heard.

In a time where consumers feel more empowered to make decisions about their own healthcare, it is imperative that practices take a step forward to showcase themselves in the best light. How is your practice attracting new patients? Why should new patients choose you as a provider?

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