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Feb 21

Healthcare Recruitment Trends for 2023

There’s been a great deal of talk about the job market across all industries recently, but healthcare seems to be one of the most affected. It’s clear that the old hiring practices aren’t likely to be as effective as they previously were, but where does that leave your organization now? What can you do to attract today’s best talent? Let’s discuss it.

Why do you need to stay up-to-date on recruitment trends?

Healthcare organizations are in a challenging position that requires a more focused approach to recruitment. There’s a shortage of talent available, with a Mercer’s study estimating that 2.3 million new healthcare workers will be needed by 2025 to keep up with the population. And of those candidates that are currently seeking work, the best of the best don’t stay available for long. In other words, it’s a competition to get the best talent, so setting your organization apart and staying updated on what is most attractive to highly qualified applicants is super important.

Four Healthcare Trends for 2023

The trends we’re expected to see in 2023 aren’t reinventing the wheel by any means, but it’s clear that today’s candidates are vetting potential employers just as much as they’re being vetted throughout the recruitment process.

  1. Employer branding: With the job market being what it is today, you need to clearly communicate your culture and what a candidate could expect from working with you; employer branding allows you to do so. 90% of the healthcare workforce considers employer branding to be essential, so it’s a good idea for you to recognize its importance, too. With solid employer branding, candidates can have a clear idea from the beginning if they’d be a good fit for a particular position, saving their time and yours if it’s not a good fit. Plus, one candidate who isn’t the right fit might know someone who would be and pass along the information.
  2. Remote options: Not all jobs can be performed remotely, but those that can would do well to have the option for remote or hybrid work available. At the height of the pandemic, many in the workforce recognized how many benefits can come with remote work, and a lot of individuals have decided that they don’t want to go back to the daily commute. If your position doesn’t require a fully in-person presence, don’t miss out on an awesome candidate who would prefer to work from home.
  3. A strong work-life balance: Candidates need to see that working for your organization won’t leave them drained with little left over for the other parts of their life. This is something else that came from the beginning of the pandemic; a lot of individuals gained perspective on how they want their lives to look and how much they’re willing to sacrifice in the name of their career. Demonstrate that staff well-being is important to your organization and how you support it, and you’ll attract more high quality talent.
  4. Recruitment process automation: The talent acquisition process is complex and can be time-consuming, particularly when it’s added to the rest of the workload in the healthcare industry. By automating some of the early tasks in the process, such as prescreening candidates, you can ease the burden of recruitment on your staff while also ensuring a quick response to candidates who are trying to make the best decision.

We are certainly in a more challenging position with recruitment than we have been in years past, but that’s no reason to abandon all hope. By focusing in on new recruitment strategies and prioritizing the process, you can still hire a strong staff.

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