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May 19

e-Prescribing Software Selection Checklist

Many practices across the country are finding themselves required to e-prescribe medications at their practice due to regulatory requirements. With 40% of states requiring Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP), or Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS), the need for more practices to have the base program of e-prescribing is growing rapidly. It is expected that states that don’t currently have mandates, will in the future. Some states like California, Indiana, and Utah will require both PDMP and EPCS at the start of 2022. With all of this in mind, how do practices that don’t currently have e-prescribing software go about selecting the best platform for their practice? We have guidance to help your practice make an informed decision for a more efficient, safe, and compliant office.

What is e-prescribing software?

To put it plainly, e-prescribing software is electronically prescribing medications through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A provider sends a prescription request to a pharmacy directly from their e-prescribing platform and this eliminates the need for handwritten prescriptions, faxes, or phoned in medication requests. With an e-prescribing software system, providers also typically have access to their patient’s prescription benefits, medication history, and allergies to help them make better decisions when it comes to filling new prescriptions or requesting electronic refills.

e-Prescribing Software Selection

As stated earlier, for many it is important to have an e-prescribing system in place at your practice now while for others it is important to be looking for one for future requirements. For practices that aren’t going to be required to e-prescribe, this is still a worthwhile investment. Now, let’s talk through the selection process.

  • Planning
    • Will your practice want to utilize a standalone solution or integrated e-prescribing solution?
      • If you currently have an EHR, is e-prescribing available?
      • Will a new standalone e-prescribing platform integrate with your current system?
      • Does your practice want the full suite or do you just need access to the e-prescribing module?
      • Do you need EPCS or PDMP functionality?
    • Is your practice ready to begin e-prescribing medications?
      • If you are going through this selection process, hopefully this answer is a yes!
      • What is your practice hoping to achieve with e-prescribing?
        • Is the selection for regulatory compliance, safety, efficiency, or another goal entirely?
      • What does your e-prescribing software need to do? (Here are some starting points…)
        • The ability to send new prescriptions directly to pharmacy computers using practice hardware
        • The ability to receive and respond to refill requests through the software
        • Reporting capability
        • Two-way communication between the practice and pharmacies
        • Alerts for drug-drug interactions and drug-allergy concerns
        • User tools such as chart labels and favorites lists
        • More…
      • When is your practice’s go-live date?
        • Be upfront with your vendor to ensure that this accomplishable!
      • What is your practice’s budget?
      • What other projects are going on at your practice?
    • Research
      • Are there already vendors you have in mind for e-prescribing software?
      • Research vendors through videos, websites, and available online collateral
      • Narrow search down to three to five vendors that fit necessary benchmarked criteria
      • Reach out to the vendors you have chosen in order to discuss your needs, wants, and expected go-live date
      • From talks, narrow down further with a list that could include the following:
        • Will the solution integrate with your existing PM and/or EMR?
        • Is the vendor 2015 Edition CEHRT certified?
        • Is this solution user friendly?
        • What is the vendor’s on boarding process?
        • How does the vendor support their product? Is that support local?
        • Will any upgrades be extra?
        • Will you be able to import data from another system?
        • More…
      • Request Demos
      • Request Quotes
    • Compare
      • Review the quotes and pricing received from the vendors you are interested in
      • Be realistic regarding pricing and remember the prices will vary and include different components of implementation (training, customization packages, add-ons, etc.)
        • Comb through this with the vendor if you have questions and understand what your money will truly get you if you decide to go with this vendor
      • As one or two vendors become frontrunners in your selection process, be upfront about value
      • Be open about your likes and dislikes about the product, pricing, etc.
      • Ask for case studies and references to help you feel more confident in your decision
      • Ask if there are any deals you can take advantage of if you sign within a specific timeframe
      • After everything is worked out, sign the deal, onboarding paperwork, EULA, BAA documents and submit payments

Selecting a new software solution for your practice is a difficult undertaking but knowing what to expect and planning out the process makes it that much easier. Let us know how we can help.

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